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Catalog NumberName/Description
E7 - 1300MICRO-VANNAS CAPSULOTOMY SCISSORS,   Straight blades 4mm, ex del,w stop
E7 - 1310MICRO-VANNAS CAPSULOTOMY SCISSORS,   Curved blades 4mm, ex del, w stop
E7 - 1400VANNAS CAPSULOTOMY SCISSORS,   Straight blades 5mm, ex del,w stop
E7 - 1410VANNAS CAPSULOTOMY SCISSORS,   Curved blades 5mm, ex del,w stop
E7 - 1420VANNAS CAPSULOTOMY SCISSORS, ex del   Angled Up on Flat,blades 5mm,w stop
E7 - 1430VANNAS CAPSULOTOMY SCISSORS,ex del,   Angled on Side, blades 5mm ,w stop
E7 - 1562GILLS-VANNAS SCISSORS, thin pointd   blades 7mm, Angled Up on Flat
E7 - 1586FORTRAD-VANNAS SCISSORS,   Straight, extra thin 10mm blades
E7 - 1587FORTRAD-VANNAS SCISSORS, Light   Curve, extra thin 10mm blades
E7 - 1620STERN-GILLS CAPSULOTOMY SCISSORS,   narrow hndl,ang,thin ptd blds10mm
E7 - 1622STERN-GILLS CAPSULOTOMY SCISSORS,   widehndl,ang,exthin ptd blds10mm
E7 - 1627URIBE-STERN SCISSORS, angled up,   10mm concave curvature blades
E7 - 2300SHEPARD-WESTCOTT TENOTOMY SCISSORS,   one serrated edge, curved, blunt
E7 - 4360KATZIN CORNEAL TRANSPLANT SCISSORS,   Right, nolock, strong curve 9mm
E7 - 4370KATZIN CORNEAL TRANSPLANT SCISSORS,   Left, no lock, strong curve 9mm
E7 - 5100BARRAQUER IRIS SCISSORS,7mm blade   angled, blunt tips, inButterflyin
E7 - 5110BARRAQUER IRIS SCISSORS,10mm blade   angled, blunt tips, inButterflyin
E7 - 5200IRIS SCISSORS, micro-miniature,   Straight, small 8mm pntd blades
E7 - 5210IRIS SCISSORS, micro-miniature,   Curved, small 8mm pointd blades
E7 - 5240IRIS SCISSORS, medium/mini,   Straight, medium 11mm ptd blades
E7 - 5250IRIS SCISSORS, medium/mini,   Curved, medium 11mm pntd blades
E7 - 5280IRIS SCISSORS, large/standard,   Straight, large 15mm ptd blades
E7 - 5290IRIS SCISSORS, large/standard,   Curved, large 15mm ptd blades
E7 - 5300McPHERSON-VANNAS IRIS SCISSORS,   curved blades 10mm, sharp tips
E7 - 6200FINE STITCH SCISSORS, medium   blades 13mm, straight, sharp tips
E7 - 6210FINE STITCH SCISSORS, medium   blades 13mm, curved, sharp tips
E7 - 6300JAFFE STITCH SCISSORS,short handle,   blades 10mm, curved, sharp tips
E7 - 6460McPHERSON-WESTCOTT STITCH SCISSORS,   blades 8mm,light curve,sharp tips
E7 - 6500WESTCOTT STITCH SCISSORS, blades   21mm, light curve, sharp tips
E7 - 6690WESTCOTT TENOTOMY SCISSORS, cvd   medium blades 14mm, blunt tips
E7 - 7000WESTCOTT UTILITY SCISSORS, long   handle, light curve, rounded tips
E7 - 7300INTRAOCULAR SCISSORS, Straight,   squeeze hndl, pnted blades 3mm
E7 - 7310INTRAOCULAR SCISSORS, Curved,   squeeze hndl, pnted blades 3mm
E7 - 8010ENUCLEATION SCISSORS,std pattern,   Light Curve, blades 40mm
E7 - 8020ENUCLEATION SCISSORS,std pattern,   Medium Curve, blades 40mm
E7 - 8030ENUCLEATION SCISSORS,std pattern,   Strong Curve, blades 40mm
E7 - 8080EYE/IRIS SCISSORS, std pattern,   Str,3.46in,blades15mm,sharp tips
E7 - 8090EYE/IRIS SCISSORS, std pattern,   Cvd,3.46in,blades15mm,sharp tips,
E7 - 8100IRIS SCISSORS, standard pattern,   Str, 3.74in,blades 22mm,sharp tips
E7 - 8110IRIS SCISSORS, standard pattern,   Cvd, 3.74in,blades 22mm,sharp tips
E7 - 8120EYE SCISSORS, standard pattern,   Str,4.0in,blades 27mm, sharp tips
E7 - 8130EYE SCISSORS, standard pattern,   Cvd,4.0in,blades 27mm, sharp tips
E7 - 8140EYE SCISSORS, standard pattern,   Str,4.25in,blades27mm,sharp tips,
E7 - 8150EYE SCISSORS, standard pattern,   Cvd,4.25in,blades27mm,sharp tips,
E7 - 8180EYE SCISSORS, standard pattern,   Str, 4.0in,blades 22mm,sharp tips
E7 - 8190EYE SCISSORS, standard pattern,   Cvd, 4.0in,blades 22mm,sharp tips
E7 - 8280IRIS SCISSORS, Ribbon pattern,   Str, 3.7in, blades 13mm,sharp tips
E7 - 8290IRIS SCISSORS, Ribbon pattern,   Cvd, 3.7in, blades 13mm,sharp tips
E7 - 8300IRIS SCISSORS, Ribbon pattern,   Str, large blades 22mm,sharp tips
E7 - 8310IRIS SCISSORS, Ribbon pattern,   Cvd, large blades 22mm,sharp tips
E7 - 8390STITCH SCISSORS, Ribbon pattern,   Lt crv,3.94in,blades 10mm recssd
E7 - 8410STITCH SCISSORS,std pattern,LtCrv,   sharp thin concave needle points,
E7 - 8500KNAPP STRABISMUS SCISSORS,std ptrn,   Str,round hvr shanks, blades 25mm,
E7 - 8510KNAPP STRABISMUS SCISSORS,std ptrn,   LtCrv,rnd hvr shanks, blades 25mm,
E7 - 8560STRABISMUS SCISSORS, Ribbon type,   Straight, 4.2in, blades 25mm,blunt
E7 - 8570STRABISMUS SCISSORS, Ribbon type,   Light Curve, blades 25mm, blunt
E7 - 8580STRABISMUS SCISSORS, Ribbon type,   Strong Curve, blades 25mm, blunt
E7 - 8600STEVENS TENOTOMY SCISSORS,std ptn,   Str,4.5in,blades 25mm, blunt tips
E7 - 8610STEVENS TENOTOMY SCISSORS,std ptn   Crv,4.5in,blades 25mm, blunt tips
E7 - 8660STEVENS TENOTOMY SCISSORS,Ribbon,   Str,3.7in,blades 13mm,blunt tips
E7 - 8670STEVENS TENOTOMY SCISSORS,Ribbon,   Crv,3.7in,blades 13mm,blunt tips
E7 - 9834TC IRIS SCISSORS,standard pattern,   4.53in/115mm, sharp tips, straight
E7 - 9835TC IRIS SCISSORS,standard pattern,   4.53in/115mm, sharp tips, curved
E7 - 9854TC STRABISMUS SCISSORS,std pattern,   4.53in/115mm, rounded tips, straight
E7 - 9855TC STRABISMUS SCISSORS,std pattern,   4.53in/115mm, rounded tips, curved