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Catalog NumberName/Description
E8 - 2020ALFONSO EYE SPECULUM - NEWBORN,   spread 27mm, open 5mm blades
E8 - 2090BARRAQUER WIRE SPECULUM,,   Infant, open loop 4mm x 4mm
E8 - 2100BARRAQUER WIRE SPECULUM,   Child, open loop 10mm x 5mm
E8 - 2101BARRAQUER WIRE SPECULUM, Heavy   Wire 1mm, Child Loop 10 x 5mm
E8 - 2106BARRAQUER WIRE SPECULUM, Large   Child/Small Adult loop llx6mm
E8 - 2110BARRAQUER WIRE SPECULUM,   Adult, closed loop 14mm x 6mm
E8 - 2115BARRAQUER WIRE SPECULUM, Heavy   Wire 1mm, Adult loop 14 x 6mm
E8 - 2120BARRAQUER WIRE SPECULUM,   Child, solid blade 10 x 5mm
E8 - 2130BARRAQUER WIRE SPECULUM,   Adult, solid blade 15 x 6mm
E8 - 2138KRATZ-BARRAQUER WIRE SPECULUM,   Pediatric, open 10mm clear access
E8 - 2140KRATZ-BARRAQUER WIRE SPECULUM,   Adult, open 14mm clear access
E8 - 2141KRATZ-BARRAQUER WIRE SPECULUM,   Adult, heavy wire, clear access
E8 - 2142KRATZ-BARRAQUER WIRE SPECULUM,   wide U-shaped, open loop 16x7mm
E8 - 2150BARRAQUER WIRE SPECULUM, with   Wings=retract drape/clear access
E8 - 2160SIMCOE-BARRAQUER EYE SPECULUM,   blade spread 18mm, width 13mm
E8 - 2170CASTROVIEJO EYE SPECULUM,non-magnetic   Small No. 1, fine mechanism
E8 - 2180CASTROVIEJO EYE SPECULUM,non-magnetic   Medium No. 2, fine mechanism
E8 - 2190CASTROVIEJO EYE SPECULUM,non-magnetic   Large No. 3, fine mechanism
E8 - 2201COOK EYE SPECULUM, locking screw,   solid blades, Infant/Small No. 1
E8 - 2202COOK EYE SPECULUM, locking screw,   solid blades, Child/Medium No. 2
E8 - 2203COOK EYE SPECULUM, locking screw,   solid blades, Adult/Large No. 3
E8 - 2240GUYTON-PARK EYE SPECULUM,top suture   posts, guard bar, solid blades
E8 - 2250GUYTON-PARK EYE SPECULUM,top suture   posts,guard bar, fenstrated blades
E8 - 2280ILIFF-PARK EYE SPECULUM, solid   14mmblades,outside locking screws
E8 - 2320KNAPP EYE SPECULUM,   open 13mm blades, locking screw
E8 - 2340LANCASTER EYE SPECULUM, serr sides,   spread 33mm, blades 15x5mm wide
E8 - 2360LESTER-BURCH EYE SPECULUM, serrated   tabs, spread 32mm, blades 22x6.5mm
E8 - 2383LIEBERMAN ASPIRATING SPECULUM,   thumbscrew,angld,straight blades
E8 - 2387LIEBERMAN ASPIRATING SPECULUM,   thumbscrew, angled, V-Blades
E8 - 2410MAUMENEE-PARK EYE SPECULUM,   Fenestrated Blades
E8 - 2460McPHERSON EYE SPECULUM,suture posts   on side, spread 35mm, solid blades
E8 - 2465MELLINGER SPECULUM, Self-Locking,16mm   Fenestrated Blades
E8 - 2466MELLINGER SPECULUM, Self-Locking,15mm   Solid Blades
E8 - 2500SAUER LID SPECULUM,INFANT,spread   25mm, blades 10x2mm, serr sides
E8 - 2692WEISS EYE SPECULUM, 89mm, arm   loops, solid blades 18 x 6mm
E8 - 2700WILLIAMS EYE SPECULUM,   Small,spread 30mm,blades 11x5mm
E8 - 2710WILLIAMS EYE SPECULUM,   Large,spread 35mm,blades 14x5mm