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Catalog NumberName/Description
E1 - 1900BEAVER CHUCK HANDLE, 3H,   # 1330 Hexagon 10cm
E1 - 1910BEAVER CHUCK HANDLE, 3K,   # 1310 Round 10cm
E1 - 1920BEAVER CHUCK HANDLE, 3KB/3KM   # 1312 Round 7.5cm
E1 - 1930BEAVER CHUCK HANDLE, 3KA/3KS   # 1311 Round 5.0cm
E1 - 1950BARD-PARKER HANDLE, for disposable   slot blades, #3CM,CentimeterRuler
E1 - 1970BARD-PARKER HANDLE, for disposable   slot blades/delicate surgery,No.9
E1 - 5000CASTRO MINI-BLADE BREAKER & HOLDER,   end lock, blade 10 x 3mm,straight
E1 - 5100CASTROVIEJO BLADE BREAKER & HOLDER,   123mm/4.8in, side lock, straight
E1 - 5156CASTROVIEJO BLADE BREAKER & HOLDER,   142mm/5.6in, side lock, straight
E1 - 5200TROUTMAN-CASTRO MINI-BLADE BREAKER,   & HOLDER, end lock, short, angled
E1 - 5400SWISS MODEL BLADE BREAKER & HOLDER,   end lock,slim round jaws,straight
E1 - 6000BLADES, BLADE BREAKERS, dbl edge   Pkg 10, breakable, non-sterile
E1 - 6400ELLIOT CHALAZION/SCLERAL TREPHINE,   Complete Set: 3 Blades + Handle
E1 - 6410ELLIOT CHALAZION/SCLERAL TREPHINE,   Trephine Blade 1.0mm diameter
E1 - 6415ELLIOT CHALAZION/SCLERAL TREPHINE,   Trephine Blade 1.5mm diameter
E1 - 6420ELLIOT CHALAZION/SCLERAL TREPHINE,   Trephine Blade 2.0mm diameter
E1 - 6430ELLIOT CHALAZION/SCLERAL TREPHINE,   Handle, aluminum, 1.9 inches/48mm
E1 - 6600GASS CORNEOSCLERAL PUNCH, 1.0mm   diameter bite, rotatable 360degrees
E1 - 6610KELLY DECEMET MEMBRANE PUNCH, to   produce 1.0mm clean, round hole
E1 - 7000CASTROVIEJO CALIPER, 20mm   scale both sides, straight arms
E1 - 7010CASTROVIEJO CALIPER, 20mm   scale both sides, curved arms
E1 - 7020OSHER INTERNAL CALIPER, for   internal measurement of incisions
E1 - 7100JAMESON CALIPER, Lock Screw,   80mm Scale/3in Scale
E1 - 7160THORPE CALIPER, Lock Screw,   80mm Scale/3in Scale
E1 - 7210MENDEZ DEGREE GAUGE,   calibrated 0 to 180 degrees
E1 - 7300RULER, 6in/15mm, Flexible   Stainless Steel
E1 - 8100STAHL CALIPER, 1.5in/38mm, square   model, markings on both sides
E2 - 2620CRAWFORD LACRIMAL INTUBATION SET,   2 st steel Probes,SiliconeTubing
E2 - 2622CRAWFORD LACRIMAL INTUBATION SET,   Silastic Tubing 12 inches
E2 - 2990LACRIMAL CANNULA, 23 gauge,   25mm shaft, str, malleable tip
E2 - 3000LACRIMAL CANNULA,23 GA, reinforced   32mm shaft,malleable tip, straight
E2 - 3010LACRIMAL CANNULA,23 GA, reinforced   35mm shaft, malleable tip, curved
E2 - 3014SHAHINIAN LACRIMAL CANNULA, bullet   tip, .3mm side port, 23GA x 11mm
E2 - 3020McINTYRE LACRIMAL CANNULA, 23 GA,   0.3mm side ports, straight shaft
E2 - 3030McINTYRE LACRIMAL CANNULA, 23 GA,   0.3mm side ports, curved shaft
E2 - 3046MGM LACRIMAL CANNULA, 23 gauge,   l-inch shaft, (Harper H72-732)
E2 - 3100WEST IRRIGATING CANNULA,   blunt tip, side opening, 23 gauge
E2 - 3500AIR INJECTION CANNULA, angled   5mm from tip, 30 gauge
E2 - 3520Air Injection Cannula, angled   5mm from tip, 27 gauge
E2 - 3550VISCOELASTIC ASPIR CANNULA,angled   10mm from tip, 22 GA, round hole
E2 - 3552VISCOELASTIC ASPIR CANNULA,angled   10mm from tip, 19 GA, round hole
E2 - 3560HEALON INJECTION CANNULA,   21 GA, flattened oblong hole
E2 - 3580RAININ AIR INJECTION CANNULA,   spatulated tip, angled 7mm,27 GA
E2 - 3600RANDOLPH CYCLODIALYSIS CANNULA,   curved spatulated tip, ang, 21 GA
E2 - 3620RANDOLPH CYCLODIALYSIS CANNULA,   curved spatulated tip, ang, 19 GA
E2 - 3660KELMAN CYCLODIALYSIS SPATULA,   Right side opening, 19 gauge
E2 - 3670KELMAN CYCLODIALYSIS SPATULA,   Left side opening, 19 gauge
E2 - 3800TROUTMAN ALPHA-CHYMOTRYPSIN CANNULA   delicate olive tip, 25 gauge
E2 - 3820WELSH FLAT OLIVE TIP CANNULA,   straight, 25 gauge
E2 - 4000ATKINSON RETROBULBAR NEEDLE, 23 GA,   35mm str shaft, sharp beveled tip
E2 - 4005ATKINSON RETROBULBAR NEEDLE, 25 GA,   35mm str shaft, sharp beveled tip
E2 - 4220McINTYRE INNER CANNULA, 46mm   shaft, 0.2mm side opening, 23 GA
E2 - 4230McINTYRE INNER CANNULA, 46mm   shaft, 0.3mm side opening, 23 GA
E2 - 4240McINTYRE INNER CANNULA, 46mm   shaft, front opening, 23 GA
E2 - 4270McINTYRE OUTER CANNULA, straight,   front opening, blunt, 19 gauge
E2 - 4290McINTYRE NYLON CONNECTOR,   white, autoclavable, reusable
E2 - 4300SIMCOE IRR-ASP CANNULA,Original   Model, 23 gauge, Thin Wall
E2 - 4302SIMCOE IRR-ASP CANNULA,Reversed   Model, 23 gauge, Thin Wall
E2 - 4305SIMCOE IRR-ASP CANNULA SYSTEMS,   Silastic Tubing, 12-inch length
E2 - 4450GILLS IRR-ASP CANNULA,side-by-side   front openings, angled, 23 GA TW
E2 - 4600KELMAN CYSTOTOME, sharp point,   sharp cutting edge, 22 gauge
E2 - 4610KELMAN CYSTOTOME, sharp point &   blunt blade, 22 gauge
E2 - 4612KELMAN DOUBLE BLADE CYSTOTOME,   sharp points,blunt blades, 22GA
E2 - 4640DOUBLE-EDGE CYSTOTOME, sharp point/   sharp cutting edges,22GA,Small Sz
E2 - 4660KNOLLE-KELMAN CYSTOTOME, sharp   point/sharp cutting edge, 22GA
E2 - 4680McINTYRE REVERSE CYSTOTOME,angled   at 10mm from tip, sharp pt, 23GA
E2 - 4870DREWS POSTERIOR CAPSULE POLISHER,   ang,2mmIDloop,sandbl,.2 irr port
E2 - 4900KRATZ SCRATCHER, front opening,   angled 30d, sandblasted tip, 22GA
E2 - 4901KRATZ SCRATCHER, front opening,   angled 30d, sandblasted tip, 23GA
E2 - 4920JENSEN POSTERIOR CAPSULE POLISHER,   roughened posterior olivetip,25GA
E2 - 4921JENSEN CAPSULE POLISHER,roughened   all around olive tip, 25 gauge
E2 - 4930JENSEN POSTERIOR CAPSULE POLISHER,   roughened posterior olivetip,23GA
E2 - 4931JENSEN CAPSULE POLISHER,roughened   all around olive tip, 23 gauge
E2 - 4933JENSEN CAPSULE POLISHER,roughened   all around olive tip, 27 gauge
E2 - 4940KNOLLE POSTERIOR CAPSULE POLISHER,   2mm sandblasted tip, 30 GA
E2 - 4950KNOLLE POSTERIOR CAPSULE POLISHER,   2mm angled sandblasted tip, 23 GA
E2 - 5000BISHOP-HARMON ANTERIOR CHMBR IRRGTR,   Complete:Sil-Bulb,Adaptor,19GA Cann
E2 - 5010BISHOP-HARMON SILICONE BULB,   blue, bulb only w/o adaptor
E2 - 5020BISHOP-HARMON ADAPTOR, Coupling   between Silicone Bulb & Cannula
E2 - 5050BISHOP-HARMON IRRIGATING CANNULA,   angled 30 deg, wider 19-gauge
E2 - 5052BISHOP-HARMON IRRIGATING CANNULA,   angled 30 deg, narrower 21-gauge
E2 - 5054HYDRO-DISSECTION CANNULA,   angled flat tip, 25 gauge
E2 - 5056SEELEY HYDRO-DISSECTION CANNULA,   angled at 12mm, flat tip, 26 GA
E2 - 5060KNOLLE ANTERIOR CHAMBR IRR CANNULA,   2mm ang tip, front opening, 30 GA
E2 - 5070KNOLLE ANTERIOR CHAMBR IRR CANNULA,   2mm ang tip, front opening, 25 GA
E2 - 5080KNOLLE ANTERIOR CHAMBR IRR CANNULA,   2mm ang tip, front opening, 23 GA
E2 - 5100BRACKEN IRRIGATING CANNULA, gentle   curve,beveled tip,front port,19GA
E2 - 5101BRACKEN ANT CHMBR CANNULA, 90 deg   curve, beveled tip, 19 GA (E4930)
E2 - 5120McINTYRE ANTERIOR CHAMBER CANNULA,   smooth blunt tip,23 gauge,straight
E2 - 5130McINTYRE ANTERIOR CHAMBER CANNULA,   smooth blunt tip, 23 gauge,angled
E2 - 5140McINTYRE ANTERIOR CHAMBER CANNULA,   smooth blunt tip,26gauge,straight
E2 - 5150McINTYRE ANTERIOR CHAMBER CANNULA,   smooth blunt tip, 26 gauge,angled
E2 - 5151McINTYRE ANTERIOR CHAMBER CANNULA,   smooth blunt tip, 27 gauge,angled
E2 - 5160McIntyre Anterior Chamber Cannula,   smooth blunt tip, 30 GA, straight
E2 - 5170McINTYRE ANTERIOR CHAMBER CANNULA,   smooth blunt tip, 30 gauge,angled
E2 - 5210SIMCOE CAPSULE SCRUBBER CANNULA,   curved, 2mm sandblastd tip, 23 GA
E2 - 5220SIMCOE CORTEX EXTRACTOR CANNULA,   13mm, curved side opening, 23 GA
E2 - 5230SIMCOE CORTEX EXTRACTOR CANNULA,   21mm, curved side opening, 23 GA
E2 - 5232SIMCOE CORTEX EXTRACTOR CANNNULA,   21mm, 0.4mm side port
E2 - 5360GILLS ASPIRATING CANNULA,angled,   5mm smooth blunt tip, 25 gauge
E2 - 5370GILLS ASPIRATING CANNULA,angled,   7mm smooth blunt tip, 25 gauge
E2 - 5380GILLS ASPIRATING CANNULA,angled,   8mm smooth blunt tip, 25 gauge
E2 - 5390GILLS ASPIRATING CANNULA,angled,   10mm smooth blunt tip, 25 gauge
E2 - 5393MORRISON ASPIRATING CANNULA,angled   at 7mm,smooth blunt tips,23 gauge
E2 - 5400BINKHORST HOOKD IRRIGATING CANNULA   Straight, front port, 22 gauge
E2 - 5410BINKHORST HOOKD IRRIGATING CANNULA   Left, front port, 22 gauge
E2 - 5420BINKHORST HOOKD IRRIGATING CANNULA   Right, front port, 22 gauge
E2 - 5430WILBRANDT-BINKHORST IRR CANNULA,   Straight, front port, 23 gauge
E2 - 5431WILBRANDT-BINKHORST IRR CANNULA,   Left, front port, 23 gauge
E2 - 5432WILBRANDT-BINKHORST IRR CANNULA,   Right, front port, 23 gauge
E2 - 5436WILLIS IRRIGATING CANNULA, angled   tip, 21 gauge x .88 inch(22.4mm)
E2 - 5440McINTYRE-BINKHORST IRR CANNULA,   Right, smooth blunt tip,26 gauge
E2 - 5445McINTYRE-BINKHORST IRR CANNULA,   Straight,smooth blunt tip,26 gauge
E2 - 5450McINTYRE-BINKHORST IRR CANNULA,   Left, smooth blunt tip, 26 gauge
E2 - 5455GIMBEL HYDRO-DISSECTION CANNULA,   front opening, smooth tip, 30GA
E2 - 5464CHANG HYDRODISSECTION CANNULA,   angld90deg,flat bevelled tip,27GA
E2 - 5500KNOLLE-PEARCE IRRIGATING VECTIS,   dual flow,3 front ports,23GA loop
E2 - 5510DREWS IRRIGATING VECTIS CANNULA   dual fluid flow, 23 gauge loop
E2 - 5520SHEETS IRR VECTIS CANNULA,3 ports,   dual flow,20 gauge loop(K7-5520)
E2 - 5521SHEETS IRR VECTIS CANNULA,3 ports,   TWshaft+loop34mm/1.3in,21GA,E0615)
E2 - 5530SIMCOE IRRIGATING LENS NUCLEUS   LOOP, 2 front ports, 25 GA, Right
E2 - 5531SIMCOE IRRIGATING LENS NUCLEUS   LOOP, 2 front ports, 25 GA, Left
E2 - 5540ANIS IRRIGATING VECTIS CANNULA,   dual flow, 23 GA heartshaped loop
E2 - 5660KRATZ LENS MANIPULATING CANNULA,   .2mm diameter tip,front port,30GA
E2 - 6700HESLIN INFUSION CANNULA, beveled   tip, silicone tubing, 25 gauge
E2 - 6710HESLIN INFUSION CANNULA, 3mm   beveled tip, Silicone Tubing
E2 - 6713LEWICKY CHAMBER MAINTAINER,threaded   tip,silicone tubing&adaptor,20 GA
E2 - 6750McINTYRE INFUSION HANDLE, white   autoclavable plastic, 7.5cm long
E2 - 6795KANSAS INFUSION HANDLE, stainless   steel, 3in/7.5cm, conus both ends
E2 - 6800FORTRAD INFUSION HANDLE, 4.5in/   11.5cm, st steel, triple conus
E2 - 6801FORTRAD INFUSION HANDLE, 2.95in/   7.5cm, st steel, triple conus
E2 - 7000STYLETS FOR CANNULAS, 1 Stylet,   Gauges: 19, 22, 23, 25, 27, 30
E3 - 1021ANIS POSTERIOR CAPSULE POLISHER,   disc end, rough, crvd flex shank
E3 - 1040GILLS CAPSULE POLISHING CURETTE,   1.75mm Cup,backwd angle,sandblastd
E3 - 1060NIGHTINGDALE CAPSULE POLISHING   Curette, open ring, semi-sharp
E3 - 1100MEYERHOEFER CHALAZION CURETTE,   Size 0, 1.5mm cup diameter
E3 - 1110MEYERHOEFER CHALAZION CURETTE,   Size l, 1.75mm cup diameter
E3 - 1120MEYERHOEFER CHALAZION CURETTE,   Size 2, 2.25mm cup
E3 - 1130MEYERHOEFER CHALAZION CURETTE,   Size 3, 2.5mm cup
E3 - 1135MEYERHOEFER CHALAZION CURETTE,   Size 3A, 3.0mm cup
E3 - 1140MEYERHOEFER CHALAZION CURETTE,   Size 4, 3.5mm cup
E3 - 1300BARRAQUER IRIS SPATULA, delicate,   12 x 0.25mm blade, gently curved
E3 - 1310BARRAQUER IRIS SPATULA,4.75in/120mm,   15 x 0.50mm blade, gently curved
E3 - 1312BARRAQUER IRIS SPATULA,short hexa-   gonal handle, 15x.50mm cvd blade
E3 - 1460McPHERSON IRIS SPATULA, st stl,   1x15mm blade, protective cap
E3 - 1554BECHERT LENS NUCLEUS ROTATOR,   straight shaft, blunt forked tip
E3 - 1560BECHERT LENS NUCLEUS ROTATOR,   blunt forked tip, 7mm angled
E3 - 1580JAFFE-BECHERT LENS NUCLEUS   ROTATOR, bl fkd tips, 9mm ang
E3 - 1582MACKOOL-BECHERT LENS NUCLEUS ROTA-   TOR, blunt forked tip,10mm angled
E3 - 1610CLAYMAN NUCLEUS ROTATOR, angled   0.5mm wide, V-notched tip
E3 - 1613DRYSDALE NUCLEUS MANIPULATOR,   paddle-shaped tip
E3 - 1700HIRSCHMAN LENS SPATULA, 0.50mm   wide flat blade, small notches
E3 - 1740SHEETS-HIRSCHMN LENS SPATULA,.75mm   wide flat blade,large notches
E3 - 1780JAFFE LENS SPATULA,   flat smooth 0.5mm wide blade
E3 - 1790NAGAHARA PHACO CHOPPER, centered   1mm cutting wedge, ball tip
E3 - 1791NAGAHARA PHACO CHOPPER, offset   1mm cutting wedge, ball tip
E3 - 1793ROSEN PHACO SPLITTER, wedge shape,   inferior edge with blunt tip
E3 - 1794JOHNSON/OBSTBAUM PHACO LENS SPATULA,   angled, 10mm x 0.25mm blade
E3 - 1795ROSEN PHACO SPLITTER, 60 degree   offset wedge, bottom blunt tip
E3 - 1810Chang Phaco Chopper, Combo Modified   MicroFinger/Pointed QuickChopTip,R
E3 - 1820KIMURA PLATINUM SPATULA, 30mm   flared blade 1mm, round ends
E3 - 1860KNOLLE LENS NUCLEUS SPATULA, mal-   leable ststeel, flat, 0.5mm wide
E3 - 1870KOCH PHACO/NUCLEUS MANIPULATOR &   SPLITTER, gentle curved duckbill
E3 - 1930AKER LENS PUSHER, smooth fish   mouth jaws, straight,with guard
E3 - 1940LESTER LENS MANIPULATOR,   straight shaft, hourglass tip
E3 - 1950LESTER LENS MANIPULATOR,   angled shaft, hourglass tip
E3 - 2050PATON LENS SPATULA & SPOON, flat   handle, 7x2mm Blade, 7mm Spoon
E3 - 2200WHEELER DOUBLE-ENDED SPATULA,   st silver 25x1.5mm blades
E3 - 2380BARRAQUER CYCLODIALYSIS SPATULA,ang,   crvd rnd blade .5mm, pointed tip
E3 - 2400CASTROVIEJO CYCLO SPATULA 0.25mm   wide dbl-end 10mm & 15mm blades
E3 - 2410CASTROVIEJO CYCLO SPATULA 0.50mm   wide dbl-end 10mm & 15mm blades
E3 - 2440ELSCHNIG CYCLODIALYSIS SPATULA,angled,   flat 11 x 1mm gently curved blade
E3 - 2500CASTROVIEJO SYNECHIAE SPATULA,   .50mm,dbl-end 15&10mm,semi-sharp
E3 - 4100CASTROVIEJO LACRIMAL DILATOR,   double-ended,fine & medium tapers
E3 - 4160INFANT LACRIMAL DILATOR,   st steel, delicate taper 23mm
E3 - 4220MULDOON LACRIMAL DILATOR   graduated tip
E3 - 4266RUEDEMANN LACRIMAL DILATOR   short 12mm taper needle type tip
E3 - 4308WILDER LACRIMAL/PUNCTUM DILTR,   Size 0, very fine taper 32mm
E3 - 4310WILDER LACRIMAL/PUNCTUM DILTR,   size 1, fine long taper 22mm
E3 - 4320WILDER LACRIMAL/PUNCTUM DILTR,   size 2, medium taper 16mm
E3 - 4330WILDER LACRIMAL/PUNCTUM DILTR,   size 3,heavy short taper 12mm
E3 - 4348QUICKERT GROOVED DIRECTOR,   stainless steel, (Storz E4220 15)
E3 - 4500BOWMAN LACRIMAL PROBES, malleable,   ster silver,Set 6 Probes/12 Sizes
E3 - 4510BOWMAN LACRIMAL PROBE, malleable,   sterling silver, Sizes 0000 & 000
E3 - 4515BOWMAN LACRIMAL PROBE, malleable,   sterling silver, Sizes 000 & 00
E3 - 4520BOWMAN LACRIMAL PROBE, malleable,   sterling silver, Sizes 00 & 0
E3 - 4530BOWMAN LACRIMAL PROBE, malleable,   sterling silver, Sizes 1 & 2
E3 - 4540BOWMAN LACRIMAL PROBE, malleable,   sterling silver, Sizes 3 & 4
E3 - 4550BOWMAN LACRIMAL PROBE, malleable,   sterling silver, Sizes 5 & 6
E3 - 4560BOWMAN LACRIMAL PROBE, malleable,   sterling silver, Sizes 7 & 8
E3 - 4900WORST PIGTAIL PROBE, probe   dia. 0.8mm, suture holes
E4 - 1230BONN FORCEPS, small handle 2.9in,   Tying Surfaces, lx2 0.12mm, str
E4 - 1240BONN FORCEPS, 3-hole Bish-Har Hndl,   no ty pltm, 1x2 teeth .12mm, str
E4 - 1260BONN FORCEPS, no-hole 2.75in handle,   Ty Pltfm,1x2 teeth .12mm,straight
E4 - 1300BONN FORCEPS, medium 3.75in handle,   Ty Pltfm, 1x2 teeth 0.12mm, str
E4 - 1304BONN FORCEPS, serrated 4in handle.   Ty Pltfm, 1x2 teeth 0.12mm, str
E4 - 1305BONN FORCEPS, 3-Hole Handle,   Ty Pltfm, 1x2 teeth 0.12mm, str
E4 - 1360KRAFF CAPSULE TAG FORCEPS,   11mm jaws,1.5mm smth Ty Pltfm
E4 - 1370UTRATA CAPSULORHEXIS FCPS, 3-Hole   Handle, iris stop, grasping tips
E4 - 1372UTRATA CAP FCPS, short 3.15in/80mm,   iris stop,grasping tips(SZ:E2002)
E4 - 1373UTRATA CAPSULORHEXIS FORCEPS,Round   Handle, iris stop, grasping tips
E4 - 1374UTRATA CAPSULORHEXIS FCPS,FlatSerr   Handle, iris stop, grasping tips
E4 - 1375UTRATA CAPSULORHEXIS FORCEPS,Long   FlatHandle,iris stop,graspng tips
E4 - 1376MASKET CAPSULORHEXIS FORCEPS,Serr   Hndl,delicate11mm vaulted shanks
E4 - 1377MASKET CAPSULORHEXIS FCPS, 3-Hole   Hndl,delicate11mm vaulted shanks
E4 - 1378NEVYAS CAPSULORHEXIS FCPS,SerrHndl,   verythin 11mm jaws,cystotome tips
E4 - 1379NEVYAS CAPSULORHEXIS FCPS, 3-Hole   Hndl,thin11mmjaws,cystotome tips
E4 - 1386MASKET/NEVYAS CAP FCPS,Round Hndl,   del vaulted shanks,cystotome tips
E4 - 1420ERHARDT LID FORCEPS, screw,   serr jaws 11mm, fen, plate
E4 - 1460BAIRD CHALAZION FORCEPS,   smooth 8x11mm oval jaw,small
E4 - 1476DESMARRES CHALAZION FCPS, cross-   action, 12x14mm ID upper blade
E4 - 1480DESMARRES CHALAZION FORCEPS,   smooth 13x20mm oval jaws,lrg
E4 - 1500FRANCIS CHALAZION FORCEPS   11x14mm oval jaws, medium
E4 - 1520HUNT CHALAZION FORCEPS,   smooth 12mm round open blades
E4 - 1540LAMBERT CHALAZION FORCEPS - SMALL,   smooth 8mm round open blade
E4 - 1544LAMBERT CHALAZION FORCEPS - LARGE,   smooth 15mm round open blade
E4 - 1560LORDAN CHALAZION FORCEPS,   triangular jaws
E4 - 1620WIES CHALAZION FORCEPS, open upper   blade flat front, solid lower blade
E4 - 1820BARRAQUER CILIA/KURTH TYING FCPS,   light curve pltfm jaws 10mm
E4 - 1840FORTRAD CILIA FORCEPS, ingold-   platedin, no slip pincer grip
E4 - 1920COLIBRI CORNEAL UTILITY FORCEPS,   Serr Handle, 1x2 teeth 0.12mm
E4 - 1921COLIBRI CORNEAL UTILITY FORCEPS,   Fenestrated Handle,1x2teeth.12mm
E4 - 2000CASTROVIEJO COLIBRI FCPS,SerrHndl,   90 deg,TySurfaces,1x2 teeth.12mm
E4 - 2001CASTROVJO COLIBRI FCPS,3-HoleHndl,   90 deg,TySurfaces,1x2 teeth.12mm
E4 - 2002HARMS-COLIBRI FORCEPS, 4.2inlength,   SerrHandle, ty pltfm, 1x2 0.12mm
E4 - 2003HARMS-COLIBRI FORCEPS, 4.2inlength,   3-HoleHandle,ty pltfm, 1x2 .12mm
E4 - 2060HARMS-COLIBRI FORCEPS, 2.9inlength,   SerrHndl,TyPltfm,1x2 .12mm 45deg
E4 - 2061HARMS-COLIBRI FORCEPS, 2.9inlength,   FenestratedHndl,TyPltfm,1x2.12mm
E4 - 2120MAUMENEE-COLIBRI CORNEAL FCPS,   cross-action, TyPl, .12mm 60 deg
E4 - 2180PIERSE-COLIBRI CORNEAL FCPS,   2.95in/75mm, Pierse Tips 0.1mm
E4 - 2182PIERSE CORNEAL FCPS, std handle,   4.6in/115mm, Pierse Tips 0.1mm
E4 - 2186HOFMANN-POLACK CORN SUTURNG FCPS,   guide pin, 1x1 Pierse teeth .2mm
E4 - 2460HYDE/U KANSAS CORNEAL FORCEPS,   Serrated Handle, 2x2 teeth 0.12mm
E4 - 2461HYDE/U KANSAS CORNEAL FORCEPS,   3-Hole Handle, 2x2 teeth 0.12mm
E4 - 2490McPHERSON CORNEAL FORCEPS, tying   platform,1x2 teeth .4mm,straight
E4 - 2491McPHERSON CORNEAL FORCEPS, tying   platform,1x2 teeth 0.4mm, angled
E4 - 2541HOFFER-McPHERSON CORNEAL FORCEPS,   angled, jaws 11mm, 1x2 teeth.12mm
E4 - 2591KELMAN-McPHERSON CORNEAL FORCEPS,   Sm Hndl,TyPlfm,ang,1x2teeth.12mm
E4 - 2593KELMAN-McPHERSON CORNEAL FORCEPS,   Lg Hndl,TyPlfm,ang,1x2teeth.12mm
E4 - 2660POLACK DOUBLE CORNEAL FORCEPS,   SerrHndl,double 1x2 teeth 0.12mm
E4 - 2661POLACK DOUBLE CORNEAL FORCEPS,   WindowdHndl,double1x2 teeth.12mm
E4 - 2840GIRARD CORNEOSCLERAL FORCEPS,   Ty P 7mm,1x2 teeth .12mm,Right
E4 - 2850GIRARD CORNEOSCLERAL FORCEPS,   Ty P 7mm,1x2 teeth .12mm,Left
E4 - 2930ADSON DRESSING FORCEPS, very   wide handle, serr tip 1mm wd
E4 - 2940DRESSING FORCEPS, delicate   serr tips .5mm wide, straight
E4 - 2950DRESSING FORCEPS, delicate   serr tips 0.5mm, light curve
E4 - 2960DRESSING FORCEPS, delicate   serr tips 0.5mm, strong curve
E4 - 2980DRESSING FORCEPS, standard   serr tips 1.0mm wide,straight
E4 - 2990DRESSING FORCEPS, standard   serr tips 1.0mm, light curve
E4 - 3000DRESSING FORCEPS, standard   serr tips 1.0mm, strong curve
E4 - 3020BISHOP-HARMON DRESSING FORCEPS,   criss-cross serr tips.8mm,straight
E4 - 3160GASKIN FRAGMENT FORCEPS, ang,   Plfm 11mm 8mm smooth 3mm serr
E4 - 3170GASKIN FRAGMENT FCPS,SerratedHndl,   angled, Platform 11mm all smooth
E4 - 3171GASKIN FRAGMENT FCPS,3-HoleHandle,   angled, Platform 11mm all smooth
E4 - 3400GILL IRIS FORCEPS, strong curve,   criss-cross serrated tips
E4 - 3460GILL (CHANDLER) IRIS FORCEPS,   gentle curve jaws, serrated tips
E4 - 3470GILLS-COLIBRI FORCEPS, Ty Pltfm,   fine pointed smooth tips 2mm
E4 - 3690JEWELERS FORCEPS, straight shafts,   3mm crisscross serrated platforms
E4 - 3700DUMONT JEWELERS FORCEPS, Utility &   Splinter, inHin, El Stubby
E4 - 3710DUMONT JEWELERS FORCEPS,   Straight No. 1 Jaws
E4 - 3730DUMONT JEWELERS FORCEPS,   Straight No. 3 Jaws
E4 - 3733DUMONT JEWELERS FORCEPS,   Straight No. 3-C Jaws
E4 - 3740DUMONT JEWELERS FORCEPS,   Straight No. 4 Jaws
E4 - 3750DUMONT JEWELERS FORCEPS,   Straight No. 5 Jaws
E4 - 3751DUMONT JEWELRS FORCEPS,   Angled 45 deg. No. 5-A Jaws
E4 - 3770DUMONT JEWELERS FORCEPS,   Curved No. 7 Jaws
E4 - 3800JEWELERS FORCEPS, w/Tying Platform,   straight shafts, pointed tips
E4 - 4100JAMESON MUSCLE FORCEPS,slide lock,   Child Size = 4 teeth, Right
E4 - 4101JAMESON MUSCLE FORCEPS,slide lock,   Child Size = 4 teeth, Left
E4 - 4140JAMESON MUSCLE FORCEPS,slide lock,   Adult Size = 6 teeth, Right
E4 - 4141JAMESON MUSCLE FORCEPS,slide lock,   Adult Size = 6 teeth, Left
E4 - 4200BERKE PTOSIS FORCEPS, 20mm jaws,   slide lock, lengthwise grooved
E4 - 4210BERKE PTOSIS FORCEPS, 27mm jaws,   slide lock, lengthwise grooved
E4 - 4300NUCLEUS SPLITTER/CRACKER,Serrated   Hndl, paddles2x1mm, serr outside
E4 - 4301NUCLEUS SPLITTER/CRACKER, 3-Hole   Hndl, paddles2x1mm, serr outside
E4 - 4512CASTROVIEJO SUTURING FORCEPS,   SerrHandle,TyPltfm,Str,.12mm
E4 - 4513CASTROVIEJO SUTURING FORCEPS,   3-Hole Handle,TyPltfm,Str,.12mm
E4 - 4522FINE-CASTROVIEJO SUTURING FORCEPS,   TyPlfm, 1x2 teeth straight .22mm
E4 - 4530CASTROVIEJO SUTURING FORCEPS,   Serr Handle,TyPltfm, Str,0.3mmm
E4 - 4531CASTROVIEJO SUTURING FORCEPS,   3-Hole Handle,TyPltfm, Str,0.3mm
E4 - 4550CASTROVIEJO SUTURING FORCEPS,   Serr Handle, TyPltfm, Str, 0.5mm
E4 - 4551CASTROVIEJO SUTURING FORCEPS,   3-HoleHandle,TyPltfm, Str,0.5mm
E4 - 4559CASTROVIEJO SUTURING FORCEPS,   Ty Plfm,1x2 teeth straight,0.9mm
E4 - 4612CASTROVIEJO FORCEPS & LENS LOOP,Cas   SutFcps.12mm & NewOrleansLensLoop
E4 - 4616Snider-Castroviejo Suturing Frcps,   guide pin, ty pltfm, 1x2 0.12mm
E4 - 4624STERN-CASTRO SUT FCPS,Serr Handle,   thumb lock,ty pltfm,1x2teeth.5mm
E4 - 4625STERN-CASTRO SUT FCPS,3-HoleHandle,   thumb lock,ty pltfm,1x2teeth.5mm
E4 - 4637MANHATTAN EYE & EAR SUT/FIX FCPS,   ty pltfm, 1x2 angled teeth 0.7mm
E4 - 4639PAUFIQUE SUTURING FORCEPS, tying   platform,1x2 curved teeth 0.9mm
E4 - 4790ADSON TISSUE FORCEPS, very   wide handle, 1x2 teeth 1mm long
E4 - 4800TISSUE FORCEPS, delicate,   1x2 teeth 0.5mm, straight
E4 - 4810TISSUE FORCEPS, delicate,   1x2 teeth 0.5mm, light curve
E4 - 4820TISSUE FORCEPS, delicate   1x2 teeth 0.5mm,strong curve
E4 - 4840TISSUE FORCEPS, standard   1x2 teeth 0.8mm, straight
E4 - 4850TISSUE FORCEPS, standard   1x2 teeth 0.8mm,light curve
E4 - 4860TISSUE FORCEPS, standard   1x2 teeth 0.8mm,strong curve
E4 - 4920BISHOP-HARMON TISSUE FORCEPS,   ex del, 1x2 teeth 0.3mm
E4 - 4930BISHOP-HARMON TISSUE FORCEPS,   delicate, 1x2 teeth 0.5mm
E4 - 4940BISHOP-HARMON TISSUE FORCEPS,   Std, 1x2 teeth 0.8mm
E4 - 5000PUNTENNEY TYING FORCEPS,   curved shafts, tying platforms
E4 - 5060SEMPKEN/SEMKIN TISSUE FORCEPS,   1x2 teeth 1.0mm, straight jaws
E4 - 5152MICRO-JAW TYING FCPS, wide handle,   pointed sharp tying platform 5mm
E4 - 5160CASTROVIEJO/inStorzin TYING FORCEPS,   TySurfaces7mm,heavy jaws,straight
E4 - 5180FINE TYING FORCEPS, SerratedHandle   smooth curved jaws, tying surfaces
E4 - 5181FINE TYING FORCEPS, 3-Hole Handle,   smooth curved jaws, tying surfaces
E4 - 5240HARMS TYING FORCEPS,TyPltfm,.5mm,   Serr Hndl, Straight smooth jaws
E4 - 5241HARMS TYING FORCEPS,TyPltfm,.5mm,   3-HoleHndl,Straight smooth jaws
E4 - 5250HARMS TYING FORCEPS,TyPltfm,.5mm,   Serratd Hndl, Curved smooth jaws
E4 - 5251HARMS TYING FORCEPS,TyPltfm,.5mm,   3-HoleHandle,Curved smooth jaws
E4 - 5300JAFFE TYING FORCEPS,SerratdHandle,   TyPltfm,.3mm straight smooth jaws
E4 - 5301JAFFE TYING FORCEPS,3-Hole Handle,   TyPltfm,.3mm straight smooth jaws
E4 - 5310JAFFE TYING FORCEPS,SerratdHandle,   TyPltfm,0.3mm curved smooth jaws
E4 - 5311JAFFE TYING FORCEPS,3-Hole Handle,   TyPltfm,0.3mm curved smooth jaws
E4 - 5400McPHERSON TYING FORCEPS,Sm Hdl   TyPlfm 3.5mm, straight jaws
E4 - 5402McPHERSON TYING FORCEPS,Sm Hdl   TyPlfm 4.0mm, straight jaws
E4 - 5403McPHERSON TYING FORCEPS,Sm Hdl   Ty Plfm 4.0mm, angled jaws
E4 - 5408McPHERSON TYING FORCEPS,Lg Hdl   Ty Plfm 5.0mm, straight jaws
E4 - 5409McPHERSON TYING FORCEPS,Lg Hdl   Ty Plfm 5.0mm, angled jaws
E4 - 5465CLAYMAN-McPHERSON TYING FORCEPS,   smooth handle, 8mm angle to tip
E4 - 5471KELMAN-McPHERSON TYING FORCEPS   TyPlfm 7.5mm,Small Hdl, angled
E4 - 5474KELMAN-McPHERSON TYING FORCEPS   SerratedHandle, ty pltfm, angled
E4 - 5475KELMAN-McPHERSON TYING FORCEPS   3-Hole Handle,ty pltfm,angled
E4 - 5477KELMAN-McPHERSON TYING FORCEPS   TyPl7.5mm,LgHdl,ang,strngr jaws
E4 - 5510SHEPARD TYING FORCEPS,   straight shafts, 4mm tying pltfm
E4 - 5511SHEPARD TYING FORCEPS,   angled shafts, 4mm tying pltfm
E4 - 5513SHEPARD TYING FORCEPS,   curved shafts, 6mm tying pltfm
E4 - 5520SINSKEY MICRO-TYING FORCEPS,   micro smooth jaws, straight
E4 - 5530SINSKEY MICRO-TYING FORCEPS,   micro smooth jaws, curved
E4 - 5560TENNANT TYING FORCEPS, Tying   Plfm 6mm, smooth, straight
E4 - 5570TENNANT TYING FORCEPS, Tying   Plfm 6mm, smooth, curved
E4 - 5592NUGENT UTILITY FORCEPS,   angled, smooth tips
E4 - 5593NUGENT UTILITY FORCEPS, angled,   cross serrated tips
E4 - 5600INTRAOCULAR GRASPING FORCEPS,   squeeze handle,serr jaws 3mm,cap
E4 - 5840HALSTED HEMOSTATIC MOSQUITO FORCPS,   serrated jaws 20 x 1mm, straight
E4 - 5850HALSTED HEMOSTATIC MOSQUITO FORCPS,   serrated jaws 20 x 1mm, curved
E4 - 5880HARTMANN HEMOSTATIC MOSQUITO FORCPS,   serrated jaws 20 x 0.8mm, straight
E4 - 5890HARTMANN HEMOSTATIC MOSQUITO FORCPS,   serrated jaws 20 x 0.8mm, curved
E4 - 5930BABY JONES TOWEL CLAMP,   cross-action, 2.25in/55mm
E4 - 5935BACKHAUS TOWEL CLAMP/FORCEPS,   Small 3.5in/90mm, sharp tips
E4 - 5940SERREFINE, DIEFFENBACH, small,   serr jaw 10x2mm, straight
E4 - 5941SERREFINE, DIEFFENBACH, small,   serr jaw 10x2mm, curved
E4 - 5950SERREFINE, DIEFFENBACH, large,   serr jaw 20 x 5mm, straight
E4 - 5951SERREFINE, DIEFFENBACH, large,   serr jaw 20 x 5mm, curved
E4 - 6220ARRUGA CAPSULE FCPS, std hdl,   jaws w/cups, New Curve 30 deg
E4 - 6240ARRUGA CAPSULE FCPS, std hdl,   jaws w/cups, Std Curve 25 deg
E4 - 6500SCHWEIGER EXTRA CAPSULAR FCPS,   4x5 teeth, curved jaws
E4 - 6680BRACKEN FIXATION FORCEPS,   1x2mm teeth 0.7mm, straight jaws
E4 - 6693CASTROVIEJO FIXATION FORCEPS, no   tying pltform, 1x2 teeth 0.3mm
E4 - 6695CASTROVIEJO FIXATION FORCEPS, no   tying platform, 1 x 2 teeth 0.5mm
E4 - 6720ELSCHNIG FIXATION FORCEPS,   1x2 angled teeth, straight
E4 - 6758GRAEFE FIXATION FORCEPS, no lock,   narrow 3.5mm wide jaws,6x6 teeth
E4 - 6860KUHNT FIXATION FORCEPS,   1x2 curved teeth
E4 - 6900LESTER FIXATION FORCEPS,   straight jaws,1x2 teeth 0.6mm
E4 - 6920LESTER FIXATION FORCEPS,   straight jaws,2x3 teeth 0.6mm
E4 - 6940MOODY FIXATION FCPS, thumb catch,   RightHand=CurveLeft,1x2teeth.5mm
E4 - 6941MOODY FIXATION FCPS, thumb catch,   LeftHand=CurveRight,1x2teeth0.5mm
E4 - 6966THORPE CONJUNCTIVAL FIXATION FCPS,   str shafts,ty pltfm,2x3teeth.6mm
E4 - 7170BRACKEN IRIS FORCEPS, light curve   jaws, criss-cross serrated tips
E4 - 7300BINKHORST LENS HOLDING FCPS,   cross-action, 1x2mm cups, Std
E4 - 7320BINKHORST LENS HOLDING FCPS,   cross-action, 1x2mm cups, Irr
E4 - 7350BLAYDES LENS HOLDING FORCEPS,   angled smooth horizontal jaws
E4 - 7420CHOYCE LENS HOLDING FORCEPS,   angled grooved 1mm, straight
E4 - 7460CLAYMAN LENS HOLDING FCPS, angled,   70 deg tips 3mm, Standard,no lock
E4 - 7480CLAYMAN LENS HOLDING FORCEPS,   angled 70 deg tips 3mm, Lock
E4 - 7800HIRSCHMAN LENS HOLDING FORCEPS   micro tips, curved jaws, Std
E4 - 7820HIRSCHMAN LENS HOLDING FORCEPS   micro tips, curved jaws, Irr
E4 - 8600SHEPARD LENS FORCEPS, no lock,   curved shanks,serrated lower jaw
E4 - 8700SHEPARD II LENS HOLDING FORCEPS,   with Nudge Notch
E4 - 8830SIMCOE PSTR CHMBR LENS IMPLTN   FCPS, 23-ga dia., irr tubing
E4 - 8850SIMCOE PSTR CHMBR LENS IMPLTN   FCPS, 25-gauge diameter
E4 - 9120TROUTMAN SUPERIOR RECTUS FCPS,   angled, 1x2 curved teeth
E4 - 9150TENNANT-TROUTMAN SUPERIOR RECTUS   FORCEPS, curved shanks, 1x2 teeth
E5 - 1040BOAT HOOK IOL MANIPULATOR,   round handle, with guard
E5 - 1050BONN MICRO IRIS HOOK, round   handle, hook 0.3mm, with guard
E5 - 1145JAFFE-KNOLLE IRIS HOOK, round   handle, angled shaft, blunt tip
E5 - 1200KUGLEN IRIS HOOK & LENS MANIPULATOR,   flat handle, push-pull, straight
E5 - 1201KUGLEN IRIS HOOK & LENS MANIPULATOR,   flat handle, push-pull, angled
E5 - 1210KUGLEN IRIS HOOK & LENS MANIPULATOR,   round handle, push-pull, straight
E5 - 1211KUGLEN IRIS HOOK & LENS MANIPULATOR,   round handle, push-pull, angled
E5 - 1250KUGLEN IRIS HOOK & LENS MANIPULATOR,   round handle, clover leaf, straight
E5 - 1251KUGLEN IRIS HOOK & LENS MANIPULATOR,   round handle, clover leaf, angled
E5 - 1540SHEPARD MICRO IRIS HOOK,   small blunt hook 0.75mm
E5 - 1900DOUBLE FIXATION HOOK, Small,   1.5mm spread, double prong,sharp
E5 - 1910DOUBLE FIXATION HOOK, Large,   2.0mm spread, double prong,sharp
E5 - 1930FENZL LENS MANIPULATING HOOK,   Straight, 0.15mm T-shaped tip
E5 - 1931FENZL LENS MANIPULATING HOOK,   Angled, 0.15mm T-shaped tip,
E5 - 1937MLTZMN-FENZL LENS MANPLTG HOOK,   Round Handle, ang.,.15mm V-hook
E5 - 1941JAFFE-MLTZMN LENS MANPLTG HOOK,   Flat Handle, ang, .15mm V-hook
E5 - 1960JAFFE LENS MANIPULATING HOOK,   0.15mm blunt tip 90 deg, straight
E5 - 1961CLAYMAN-JAFFE LENS MANIPULTG HOOK/   GUIDE, ang 45 deg,.15mm blunt tip
E5 - 1980HUNKELER BALLPOINT POSITIONING HOOK,   .17mm, gently curved up 10mm shank
E5 - 2000LEWICKY LENS MANPLTG HOOK, rd hndl,   0.15mm, gentle crvd up shank, ang
E5 - 2020MICROFINGER - Nuclear Fracture,   curved blunt tip, Right Hand
E5 - 2021MICROFINGER - Nuclear Fracture,   curved blunt tip, Left Hand
E5 - 2028MINAMI M HOOK, multi-angled shaft,   teardrop-shaped tip, Miracle Cut
E5 - 2040OSHER inYin HOOK, for mani-   pulating IOLs, straight shaft
E5 - 2100SINSKEY LENS MANIPLTNG HOOK, flat   hndl,med.25mm blunt tip,straight
E5 - 2104SINSKEY LENS MANPLTNG HOOK, round   hndl,med.25mm blunt tip,straight
E5 - 2105SINSKEY MANPLTNG LENS HOOK, round   handle,med.25mm blunt tip,angled
E5 - 2120HARRIS-SINSKEY LENS MANPLTG HOOK,   medium 0.25mm hook, angled shank
E5 - 2160SINSKEY II LENS MNPLTG HOOK,flat   handle, fine .2mm hook,straight
E5 - 2170SINSKEY II LENS MNPLTG HOOK,flat   handle, fine 0.2mm hook, angled
E5 - 2181SINSKEY II LENS MNPLTG HOOK, round   handle, angled, fine 0.2mm hook
E5 - 2210TENNANT LENS MANPLTG HOOK for A/C   Lenses, blunt l80 deg hook,angled
E5 - 2510GRAEFE MUSCLE/STRABISMUS HOOK,   Size 1, small hook 7 x 1mm
E5 - 2520GRAEFE MUSCLE/STRABISMUS HOOK,   Size 2, medium hook 9 x 1.5mm
E5 - 2530GRAEFE MUSCLE/STRABISMUS HOOK,   Size 3, large hook 10mm x 1.5mm
E5 - 2560GREEN MUSCLE HOOK,   5.13in/130mm, hook 9 x 2mm
E5 - 2600JAMESON MUSCLE HOOK, flat handle,   Small hook 8 x 1.3mm
E5 - 2610JAMESON MUSCLE HOOK, flat handle,   Large hook 9 x 2mm
E5 - 2680GASS RETINAL DETACHMENT HOOK,   flattened Graefe Hook, oval hole
E5 - 2730TWIST HOOK for Scleral Fixation,   0.3mm width, Right = Clockwise
E5 - 2731TWIST HOOK for Scleral Fixation,   0.3mm width, Left=CounterClockwise
E5 - 2750TWIST HOOK for Scleral Fixation,   0.5mm width, Right = Clockwise
E5 - 2751TWIST HOOK for Scleral Fixation,   0.5mm width, Left=CounterClockwise
E5 - 2794HARDESTY TENOTOMY HOOK,5mm curved   hook,markings 14mm&20mm from tip
E5 - 2800STEVENS CURVED TENOTOMY HOOK,   curved hook 3.5x.75mm blunt tip
E5 - 2801STEVENS CURVED TENOTOMY HOOK,   curved hook 5 x 1mm, blunt tip
E5 - 2802STEVENS CURVED TENOTOMY HOOK,   Round Handle, curved hook, blunt
E5 - 3100BARRETT MUSHROOM MANIPULATOR,   micro-sized GraetherCollarButton
E5 - 3200GRAETHER COLLAR BUTTON, on Handle,   Straight, micro-iris retractor
E5 - 3210GRAETHER COLLAR BUTTON, on Handle,   Angled, micro-iris retractor
E5 - 3240GRAETHER COLLAR BUTTON, Cannula   Straight, 23 gauge, w/Irrigation
E5 - 3250GRAETHER COLLAR BUTTON, Cannula   Angled, 23 gauge, w/Irrigation
E5 - 3420ROSENBAUM-DREWS IRIS RETRACTOR   Left Hand, Teflon-coated
E5 - 3430ROSENBAUM-DREWS IRIS RETRACTOR   Right Hand, Teflon-coated
E5 - 4280WHEELER DISCISSION KNIFE, flat   handle, 1mm x 18mm cutting edge
E5 - 4560GIRARD-SWAN KNIFE-NEEDLE, knurled   round handle, 1.5mm cutting edge
E5 - 4600HAAB KNIFE-NEEDLE, flat handle,   5mm convex cutting edge
E5 - 5030GILLS-WELSH LENS LOOP w/OLIVE TIP,   ultra thin loop blade, curved
E5 - 5050KIRBY EXPRESSOR HOOK & LENS LOOP,   round hndl,loop 5mm hook 10mm dia
E5 - 5080LEWIS LENS LOOP, flat handle,   small loop 6 x 3mm
E5 - 5090LEWIS LENS LOOP, flat handle,   large loop 7 x 4mm
E5 - 5110MORRISON LENS LOOP & OLIVE TIP,   ultra thin very curved loop
E5 - 5120NEW ORLEANS LENS LOOP,   5.4in/137mm, loop 10mm x 4mm
E5 - 5160SIMCOE LENS NUCLEUS LOOP, double-   ended, fine serrtns, strong curve
E5 - 5180WILDER LENS LOOP, loop 15 x 4mm,   serrated top of loop
E5 - 5250KNAPP LENS SPOON/SCOOP,   5mm wide spoon tip
E5 - 5320BUNGE EVISCERATION SPOON   small spoon, 8mm diameter
E5 - 5330BUNGE EVISCERATION SPOON   large spoon, 12mm diameter
E5 - 5400WELLS ENUCLEATION SPOON,   cup 21mm wide, 5x10mm fenestrtn
E6 - 1000BABY BARRAQUER NEEDLE HOLDER,short   model 3.74in/95mm, straight,w/Lock
E6 - 1010BABY BARRAQUER NEEDLE HOLDER,short   model 3.74in/95mm,straight,no lock
E6 - 1020BABY BARRAQUER NEEDLE HOLDER,short   model 3.74in/95mm, curved, w/ Lock
E6 - 1030BABY BARRAQUER NEEDLE HOLDER,short   model 3.74in/95mm, curved, no lock
E6 - 1100BARRAQUER NEEDLE HOLDER, std jaws,   Cvd smooth jaws 9x0.85mm, w Lock
E6 - 1110BARRAQUER NEEDLE HOLDER, std jaws,   Cvd smooth jaws 9x.85mm, no lock
E6 - 1200BARRAQUER NEEDLE HOLDER, tapered,   Str smooth jaws 9x.85mm, w/Lock
E6 - 1210BARRAQUER NEEDLE HOLDER, tapered,   Str smooth jaws 9x.85mm,no lock
E6 - 1220BARRAQUER NEEDLE HOLDER, tapered,   Cvd smooth jaws 9x0.85mm,w/Lock
E6 - 1230BARRAQUER NEEDLE HOLDER, tapered,   Cvd smooth jaws 9x.85mm,no lock
E6 - 1260BARRAQUER NEEDLE HOLDER, Heavy,   Cvd smooth jaws 11x1mm,with Lock
E6 - 1270BARRAQUER NEEDLE HOLDER, Heavy,   Cvd smooth jaws 11x1mm, no lock
E6 - 2200CASTROVIEJO NEEDLE HOLDER,delicate   Str smooth jaws 9x0.85mm, w/Lock
E6 - 2210CASTROVIEJO NEEDLE HOLDER,delicate   Str smooth jaws 9x0.85mm, no lock
E6 - 2220CASTROVIEJO NEEDLE HOLDER,delicate   Cvd smooth jaws 9x0.85mm, w/Lock
E6 - 2230CASTROVIEJO NEEDLE HOLDER,delicate   Cvd smooth jaws 9x0.85mm, no lock
E6 - 2260CASTROVIEJO NEEDLE HOLDER, Heavy,   Str smooth jaws 11x1.3mm,w/Lock
E6 - 2280CASTROVIEJO NEEDLE HOLDER, Heavy,   Cvd smooth jaws 11x1.3mm,w/Lock
E6 - 2402COHAN NEEDLE HOLDER, mini,   Cvd smooth 8mm jaws, w/Lock
E6 - 2403COHAN NEEDLE HOLDER, mini,   Cvd smooth 8mm jaws, no lock
E6 - 3500JAFFE NEEDLE HOLDER, 3-hole handle,   Str delicate jaws 9x1mm, w/Lock
E6 - 3520JAFFE NEEDLE HOLDER, 3-hole handle,   Cvd delicate jaws 9x1mm, w/Lock
E6 - 3530JAFFE NEEDLE HOLDER, 3-hole handle,   Cvd delicate jaws 9x1mm, no lock
E6 - 3700KALT NEEDLE HOLDER, delicate,   Str serrated jaws 9x1mm, w/Lock
E6 - 3710KALT NEEDLE HOLDER, standard/heavy,   Str serrated jaws 11x1.2mm,w/Lock
E6 - 4100McPHERSON NEEDLE HOLDER, flat hndl,   Str smth taprd jaws9x.85mm,w/Lock
E6 - 4120McPHERSON NEEDLE HOLDER, flat hndl,   Cvd smth taprd jaws9x.85mm,w/Lock
E6 - 4130McPHERSON NEEDLE HOLDER, flat hndl,   Cvd smth tprd jaws9x.85mm,no lock
E6 - 4220MICRO-JAW NEEDLE HOLDER,Katena-style,   Str smooth jaws 6x0.5mm, w/Lock
E6 - 4230MICRO-JAW NEEDLE HOLDER,Katena-style,   Str smooth jaws 6x0.5mm, no lock
E6 - 4240MICRO-JAW NEEDLE HOLDER,Katena-style,   Cvd smooth jaws 6x0.5mm, w/Lock
E6 - 4250MICRO-JAW NEEDLE HOLDER,Katena-style,   Cvd smooth jaws 6x0.5mm, no lock
E6 - 4500TROUTMAN NEEDLE HOLDER, delicate,   Cvd smooth jaws 9x0.5mm, no lock
E6 - 4510TROUTMAN NEEDLE HOLDER, delicate,   Cvd smooth jaws 9x0.5mm, w/Lock
E6 - 5046Fine-Thornton Swivel Fixation C-   Ring, 13mm diameter, blunt teeth
E6 - 5049Fine-Thornton Swivel Fixation C-   Ring, 16mm diameter, blunt teeth
E6 - 7000JAEGER LID PLATE, brown plastic   20mm and 23mm blades
E6 - 7020BERKE-JAEGER LID PLATE, stainless   steel, 20mm and 22mm blades
E6 - 7080CONWAY LID RETRACTOR, flat handle,   retractor blade 8.5mm wide
E6 - 7100DESMARRES LID RETRACTOR,flat hdl   No.0 Blade 11mm wide,137mm long
E6 - 7110DESMARRES LID RETRACTOR,flat hdl   No.1 Blade 13mm wide,140mm long
E6 - 7120DESMARRES LID RETRACTOR,flat hdl   No.2 Blade 15mm wide,142mm long
E6 - 7130DESMARRES LID RETRACTOR,flat hdl   No.3 Blade 17mm wide,145mm long
E6 - 7160JAFFE WIRE LID RETRACTOR, PAIR,   1.57in/40mm,15mm wide blade,curved
E6 - 7162JAFFE WIRE LID RETRACTOR, PAIR,   2in/53mm, 15mm wide blade, curved
E6 - 7200AGRICOLA LACRIMAL SAC RETRACTOR,   spring loaded, 3x3 sharp prongs
E6 - 7300KNAPP LACRIMAL SAC RETRACTOR,   4 x 8mm wide, 4 prongs, blunt
E6 - 7500STEVENSON LACRIMAL SAC RETRACTOR,   3x3 cvd teeth 1x5mm,spread 18.5mm
E6 - 7700SCHEPENS FORKED ORBITAL RETRACTOR,   blade 56 x 14mm, notched, smooth
E7 - 1300MICRO-VANNAS CAPSULOTOMY SCISSORS,   Straight blades 4mm, ex del,w stop
E7 - 1310MICRO-VANNAS CAPSULOTOMY SCISSORS,   Curved blades 4mm, ex del, w stop
E7 - 1400VANNAS CAPSULOTOMY SCISSORS,   Straight blades 5mm, ex del,w stop
E7 - 1410VANNAS CAPSULOTOMY SCISSORS,   Curved blades 5mm, ex del,w stop
E7 - 1420VANNAS CAPSULOTOMY SCISSORS, ex del   Angled Up on Flat,blades 5mm,w stop
E7 - 1430VANNAS CAPSULOTOMY SCISSORS,ex del,   Angled on Side, blades 5mm ,w stop
E7 - 1562GILLS-VANNAS SCISSORS, thin pointd   blades 7mm, Angled Up on Flat
E7 - 1586FORTRAD-VANNAS SCISSORS,   Straight, extra thin 10mm blades
E7 - 1587FORTRAD-VANNAS SCISSORS, Light   Curve, extra thin 10mm blades
E7 - 1620STERN-GILLS CAPSULOTOMY SCISSORS,   narrow hndl,ang,thin ptd blds10mm
E7 - 1622STERN-GILLS CAPSULOTOMY SCISSORS,   widehndl,ang,exthin ptd blds10mm
E7 - 1627URIBE-STERN SCISSORS, angled up,   10mm concave curvature blades
E7 - 1700McPHERSON-WESTCOTT CONJUNCTVL SCS,   small rounded blades 8mm, curved
E7 - 2050AZAR CURVED CALIBRATD CORNEAL SCS,   Universal, calibrations, blunt
E7 - 2200CASTROVIEJO CORNEAL SCS, Universal   L&R, small blades 8mm, blunt tips
E7 - 2220CASTROVIEJO CORNEAL SCS, Universal   L&R, medium blades 9mm,blunt tips
E7 - 2240CASTROVIEJO CORNEAL SCS, Universal   L&R, large blades 12mm,blunt tips
E7 - 2300SHEPARD-WESTCOTT TENOTOMY SCISSORS,   one serrated edge, curved, blunt
E7 - 3300CASTROVJ CORN SECT SCS, Storz-style,   Right,narrow hndl,blades 6.0/6.5mm
E7 - 3301CASTROVJ CORN SECT SCS, Storz-style,   Left,narrow hndl,blades 6.0/6.5mm
E7 - 3302CASTROVJ CORN SECT SCS, Weck-style,   Right,narrow hndl,Even blades 6mm
E7 - 3303CASTROVJ CORN SECT SCS, Weck-style,   Left,narrow hndl, Even blades 6mm
E7 - 3306CASTROVJ CORN SECT SCS,Katena-style,   Right, wide hndl, blades 6.0/6.5mm
E7 - 3307CASTROVJ CORN SECT SCS,Katena-style,   Left, wide handl, blades 6.0/6.5mm
E7 - 3340CASTROVJ COR SEC SC,Strz/Weck style,   Right,narrow hndl,blades 10.5/11mm
E7 - 3341CASTROVJ COR SEC SC,Strz/Weck style,   Left,narrow hndl,blades 10.5/11mm
E7 - 3346CASTROVJ CORN SECT SC,Katena-style,   Right, wide hndl,blades 10.5/11mm
E7 - 3347CASTROVJ CORN SECT SC,Katena-style,   Left, wide hndl, blades 10.5/11mm
E7 - 3400TROUTMN-CASTROVJ CORNL SECTN SCS,   Right,lock/stop,Even blades 6mm
E7 - 3410TROUTMN-CASTROVJ CORNL SECTN SCS,   Left, lock/stop,Even blades 6mm
E7 - 3660TROUTMN-CASTROVJ CORNL SECTN SCS,   Right, str/bow hdl, blades 10mm
E7 - 3670TROUTMN-CASTROVJ CORNL SECTN SCS,   Left, str/bow hndl, blades 10mm
E7 - 4300TROUTMN-KATZN CRNL TRANSPLT SCS,   Right, lock/stop, strng crv 6mm
E7 - 4310TROUTMN-KATZN CRNL TRANSPLT SCS,   Left, lock/stop, strong crv 6mm
E7 - 4360KATZIN CORNEAL TRANSPLANT SCISSORS,   Right, nolock, strong curve 9mm
E7 - 4370KATZIN CORNEAL TRANSPLANT SCISSORS,   Left, no lock, strong curve 9mm
E7 - 5100BARRAQUER IRIS SCISSORS,7mm blade   angled, blunt tips, inButterflyin
E7 - 5110BARRAQUER IRIS SCISSORS,10mm blade   angled, blunt tips, inButterflyin
E7 - 5200IRIS SCISSORS, micro-miniature,   Straight, small 8mm pntd blades
E7 - 5210IRIS SCISSORS, micro-miniature,   Curved, small 8mm pointd blades
E7 - 5240IRIS SCISSORS, medium/mini,   Straight, medium 11mm ptd blades
E7 - 5250IRIS SCISSORS, medium/mini,   Curved, medium 11mm pntd blades
E7 - 5280IRIS SCISSORS, large/standard,   Straight, large 15mm ptd blades
E7 - 5290IRIS SCISSORS, large/standard,   Curved, large 15mm ptd blades
E7 - 5300McPHERSON-VANNAS IRIS SCISSORS,   curved blades 10mm, sharp tips
E7 - 6200FINE STITCH SCISSORS, medium   blades 13mm, straight, sharp tips
E7 - 6210FINE STITCH SCISSORS, medium   blades 13mm, curved, sharp tips
E7 - 6300JAFFE STITCH SCISSORS,short handle,   blades 10mm, curved, sharp tips
E7 - 6460McPHERSON-WESTCOTT STITCH SCISSORS,   blades 8mm,light curve,sharp tips
E7 - 6500WESTCOTT STITCH SCISSORS, blades   21mm, light curve, sharp tips
E7 - 6690WESTCOTT TENOTOMY SCISSORS, cvd   medium blades 14mm, blunt tips
E7 - 6700WESTCOTT TENOTOMY SCS, blades 20mm,   Right, light curve, blunt tips
E7 - 6710WESTCOTT TENOTOMY SCS, blades 20mm,   Left, light curve, blunt tips
E7 - 7000WESTCOTT UTILITY SCISSORS, long   handle, light curve, rounded tips
E7 - 7300INTRAOCULAR SCISSORS, Straight,   squeeze hndl, pnted blades 3mm
E7 - 7310INTRAOCULAR SCISSORS, Curved,   squeeze hndl, pnted blades 3mm
E7 - 7315PROTECTIVE CAP, round, steel, for   Intraocular Scissors & Forceps
E7 - 7400SCIMECA LENS LOOP AMPUTATOR,   Right,squeeze hndl,haptic cutter
E7 - 8010ENUCLEATION SCISSORS,std pattern,   Light Curve, blades 40mm
E7 - 8020ENUCLEATION SCISSORS,std pattern,   Medium Curve, blades 40mm
E7 - 8030ENUCLEATION SCISSORS,std pattern,   Strong Curve, blades 40mm
E7 - 8080EYE/IRIS SCISSORS, std pattern,   Str,3.46in,blades15mm,sharp tips
E7 - 8090EYE/IRIS SCISSORS, std pattern,   Cvd,3.46in,blades15mm,sharp tips,
E7 - 8100IRIS SCISSORS, standard pattern,   Str, 3.74in,blades 22mm,sharp tips
E7 - 8110IRIS SCISSORS, standard pattern,   Cvd, 3.74in,blades 22mm,sharp tips
E7 - 8120EYE SCISSORS, standard pattern,   Str,4.0in,blades 27mm, sharp tips
E7 - 8130EYE SCISSORS, standard pattern,   Cvd,4.0in,blades 27mm, sharp tips
E7 - 8140EYE SCISSORS, standard pattern,   Str,4.25in,blades27mm,sharp tips,
E7 - 8150EYE SCISSORS, standard pattern,   Cvd,4.25in,blades27mm,sharp tips,
E7 - 8180EYE SCISSORS, standard pattern,   Str, 4.0in,blades 22mm,sharp tips
E7 - 8190EYE SCISSORS, standard pattern,   Cvd, 4.0in,blades 22mm,sharp tips
E7 - 8280IRIS SCISSORS, Ribbon pattern,   Str, 3.7in, blades 13mm,sharp tips
E7 - 8290IRIS SCISSORS, Ribbon pattern,   Cvd, 3.7in, blades 13mm,sharp tips
E7 - 8300IRIS SCISSORS, Ribbon pattern,   Str, large blades 22mm,sharp tips
E7 - 8310IRIS SCISSORS, Ribbon pattern,   Cvd, large blades 22mm,sharp tips
E7 - 8390STITCH SCISSORS, Ribbon pattern,   Lt crv,3.94in,blades 10mm recssd
E7 - 8410STITCH SCISSORS,std pattern,LtCrv,   sharp thin concave needle points,
E7 - 8500KNAPP STRABISMUS SCISSORS,std ptrn,   Str,round hvr shanks, blades 25mm,
E7 - 8510KNAPP STRABISMUS SCISSORS,std ptrn,   LtCrv,rnd hvr shanks, blades 25mm,
E7 - 8560STRABISMUS SCISSORS, Ribbon type,   Straight, 4.2in, blades 25mm,blunt
E7 - 8570STRABISMUS SCISSORS, Ribbon type,   Light Curve, blades 25mm, blunt
E7 - 8580STRABISMUS SCISSORS, Ribbon type,   Strong Curve, blades 25mm, blunt
E7 - 8600STEVENS TENOTOMY SCISSORS,std ptn,   Str,4.5in,blades 25mm, blunt tips
E7 - 8610STEVENS TENOTOMY SCISSORS,std ptn   Crv,4.5in,blades 25mm, blunt tips
E7 - 8660STEVENS TENOTOMY SCISSORS,Ribbon,   Str,3.7in,blades 13mm,blunt tips
E7 - 8670STEVENS TENOTOMY SCISSORS,Ribbon,   Crv,3.7in,blades 13mm,blunt tips
E7 - 8680STEVENS TENOTOMY SCS,Ribbon,Heavy,   Str,3.7in,blades 13mm,blunt tips
E7 - 8690STEVENS TENOTOMY SCS,Ribbon,Heavy,   Cvd,3.7in,blades 13mm,blunt tips
E7 - 9834TC IRIS SCISSORS,standard pattern,   4.53in/115mm, sharp tips, straight
E7 - 9835TC IRIS SCISSORS,standard pattern,   4.53in/115mm, sharp tips, curved
E7 - 9854TC STRABISMUS SCISSORS,std pattern,   4.53in/115mm, rounded tips, straight
E7 - 9855TC STRABISMUS SCISSORS,std pattern,   4.53in/115mm, rounded tips, curved
E8 - 1100CASTROVIEJO FIXATION CLAMP,   with Fixation Screw
E8 - 2020ALFONSO EYE SPECULUM - NEWBORN,   spread 27mm, open 5mm blades
E8 - 2090BARRAQUER WIRE SPECULUM,,   Infant, open loop 4mm x 4mm
E8 - 2100BARRAQUER WIRE SPECULUM,   Child, open loop 10mm x 5mm
E8 - 2101BARRAQUER WIRE SPECULUM, Heavy   Wire 1mm, Child Loop 10 x 5mm
E8 - 2106BARRAQUER WIRE SPECULUM, Large   Child/Small Adult loop llx6mm
E8 - 2110BARRAQUER WIRE SPECULUM,   Adult, closed loop 14mm x 6mm
E8 - 2115BARRAQUER WIRE SPECULUM, Heavy   Wire 1mm, Adult loop 14 x 6mm
E8 - 2120BARRAQUER WIRE SPECULUM,   Child, solid blade 10 x 5mm
E8 - 2130BARRAQUER WIRE SPECULUM,   Adult, solid blade 15 x 6mm
E8 - 2138KRATZ-BARRAQUER WIRE SPECULUM,   Pediatric, open 10mm clear access
E8 - 2140KRATZ-BARRAQUER WIRE SPECULUM,   Adult, open 14mm clear access
E8 - 2141KRATZ-BARRAQUER WIRE SPECULUM,   Adult, heavy wire, clear access
E8 - 2142KRATZ-BARRAQUER WIRE SPECULUM,   wide U-shaped, open loop 16x7mm
E8 - 2150BARRAQUER WIRE SPECULUM, with   Wings=retract drape/clear access
E8 - 2160SIMCOE-BARRAQUER EYE SPECULUM,   blade spread 18mm, width 13mm
E8 - 2170CASTROVIEJO EYE SPECULUM,non-magnetic   Small No. 1, fine mechanism
E8 - 2180CASTROVIEJO EYE SPECULUM,non-magnetic   Medium No. 2, fine mechanism
E8 - 2190CASTROVIEJO EYE SPECULUM,non-magnetic   Large No. 3, fine mechanism
E8 - 2201COOK EYE SPECULUM, locking screw,   solid blades, Infant/Small No. 1
E8 - 2202COOK EYE SPECULUM, locking screw,   solid blades, Child/Medium No. 2
E8 - 2203COOK EYE SPECULUM, locking screw,   solid blades, Adult/Large No. 3
E8 - 2240GUYTON-PARK EYE SPECULUM,top suture   posts, guard bar, solid blades
E8 - 2250GUYTON-PARK EYE SPECULUM,top suture   posts,guard bar, fenstrated blades
E8 - 2280ILIFF-PARK EYE SPECULUM, solid   14mmblades,outside locking screws
E8 - 2320KNAPP EYE SPECULUM,   open 13mm blades, locking screw
E8 - 2340LANCASTER EYE SPECULUM, serr sides,   spread 33mm, blades 15x5mm wide
E8 - 2360LESTER-BURCH EYE SPECULUM, serrated   tabs, spread 32mm, blades 22x6.5mm
E8 - 2378LIEBERMAN ADJ SPC, thumbscrew,   angled, KratzBarr open V-Blades
E8 - 2382LIEBERMAN ADJ SPC, thumbscrew,   angled,KratzBarr open str blades
E8 - 2383LIEBERMAN ASPIRATING SPECULUM,   thumbscrew,angld,straight blades
E8 - 2387LIEBERMAN ASPIRATING SPECULUM,   thumbscrew, angled, V-Blades
E8 - 2390LIEBERMAN ADJ SPC,thumbscrw,angld,   thin solid blades, non-reflective
E8 - 2410MAUMENEE-PARK EYE SPECULUM,   Fenestrated Blades
E8 - 2460McPHERSON EYE SPECULUM,suture posts   on side, spread 35mm, solid blades
E8 - 2465MELLINGER SPECULUM, Self-Locking,16mm   Fenestrated Blades
E8 - 2466MELLINGER SPECULUM, Self-Locking,15mm   Solid Blades
E8 - 2500SAUER LID SPECULUM,INFANT,spread   25mm, blades 10x2mm, serr sides
E8 - 2600TENNANT LID RETRACTOR, PAIR,   lid .96in/24mm, blade 24mm wide
E8 - 2692WEISS EYE SPECULUM, 89mm, arm   loops, solid blades 18 x 6mm
E8 - 2700WILLIAMS EYE SPECULUM,   Small,spread 30mm,blades 11x5mm
E8 - 2710WILLIAMS EYE SPECULUM,   Large,spread 35mm,blades 14x5mm
E8 - 2900SCHEPENS SCLERAL DEPRESSOR,   on handle with pocket clip
E8 - 2908SCHEPENS SCLERAL DEPRESSOR,   Small No. 8 Thimble
E8 - 2910SCHEPENS SCLERAL DEPRESSOR,   Medium No.10 Thimble
E8 - 2912SCHEPENS SCLERAL DEPRESSOR,   Large No 12 Thimble
E8 - 2920SCHOCKET SCLERAL DEPRESSOR,   double-ended, with pocket clip
E8 - 2930WILDER SCLERAL DEPRESSOR, pocket   clip, 2.5mm dia x l5mm angled tip
E8 - 2980GASS SCLERAL MARKER, Large No.l2   Thimble, 1.5mm dia. marking tip
E8 - 3110FLIERINGA SCLERAL FIXATION RING,   Set 0f 8 Sizes, 15mm thru 22mm
E8 - 3111FLIERINGA SCLERAL FIXATION RING,   11mm diameter, wire size 0.6mm
E8 - 3112FLIERINGA SCLERAL FIXATION RING,   12mm diameter, wire size 0.6mm
E8 - 3113FLIERINGA SCLERAL FIXATION RING,   13mm diameter, wire size 0.6mm
E8 - 3114FLIERINGA SCLERAL FIXATION RING,   14mm diameter, wire size 0.6mm
E8 - 3115FLIERINGA SCLERAL FIXATION RING,   15mm diameter, wire size 0.6mm
E8 - 3116FLIERINGA SCLERAL FIXATION RING,   16mm diameter, wire size 0.6mm
E8 - 3117FLIERINGA SCLERAL FIXATION RING,   17mm diameter, wire size 0.6mm
E8 - 3118FLIERINGA SCLERAL FIXATION RING,   18mm diameter, wire size 0.6mm
E8 - 3119FLIERINGA SCLERAL FIXATION RING,   19mm diameter, wire size 0.6mm
E8 - 3120FLIERINGA SCLERAL FIXATION RING,   20mm diameter, wire size 0.6mm
E8 - 3121FLIERINGA SCLERAL FIXATION RING,   21mm diameter, wire size 0.6mm
E8 - 3122FLIERINGA SCLERAL FIXATION RING,   22mm diameter, wire size 0.6mm
E8 - 4100ELLIS FOREIGN BODY SPUD   small cvd rounded blade
E8 - 4300FRANCIS FOREIGN BODY SPUD,   flag-shaped tip, semi-sharp edge
E8 - 4400GOLF CLUB FOREIGN BODY SPUD,   angled, blade 2 x 0.9mm rounded
E8 - 4401GOLF CLUB FOREIGN BODY SPUD,   angled, Diamond Cut Blade
E8 - 4500SPEAR SPUD & FINE NEEDLE GOUGE,   reversible spud/gouge screw tips
E8 - 4510SPEAR SPUD & FINE NEEDLE GOUGE,   slim 5mm slide mechanism handle
E8 - 4800ALGERBRUSH COR RUSTRING REMOVER II   battery-powrd, .5mm tungsten burr
E8 - 4801ALGERBRUSH COR RUSTRING REMOVER II,   Extra Tungsten Burr 0.5mm
E8 - 4802ALGERBRUSH COR RUSTRING REMOVER II,   Extra Tungsten Burr 1.0mm
E8 - 4803ALGERBRUSH COR RUSTRING REMOVER II,   Chuck II only (no burr)
E9 - 2000CARTER SPHERE INTRODUCER,to insert   eye spheres,spring loaded plunger
E9 - 3000MALONEY ASTIGMATISM KERATOMETER,   Titanium, reflects rings cornea
E9 - 7120SCHIOETZ TONOMETER,Original,German,   st steel, inclined etched scale
E9 - 7122Allen-Schioetz Tonometer,   retractable plunger, autoclavable
E9 - 7300SMALL STERILIZING CASE, 4x8in,   aluminum, hardctd rubbr surface
E9 - 7350MEDIUM STER CASE, st steel,12.62x   8.12in,3 adjstbl strips,66cradles
E9 - 7360MEDIUM STER CASE,st steel,12.62x   8.12in, all rubber finger base
E9 - 7402LARGE STERILIZING CASE, st steel,   15x10.5in, 4 rubber finger strips
E9 - 7420OPHTHALMOLOGY CASE, 15x10.5x1.25in,   12x9 Mats, Racks 8 Can, 4 Sharps
E9 - 7480DOUBLE-DECKER STER CASE,st steel,   15x10.5x2.25in,8rubbr fngr strps
E9 - 75008-CANNULA STER CASE,st steel,4x8in,   removbl lid, 2 hold-down strips
E9 - 753016-CANNULA STER CASE,st steel,6x4in,   removbl lid, 2 hold-down strips
E9 - 7540CANNULA HOLDER-8 CANNULAS, 2 screws   /nuts for mounting in case base
E9 - 7562PLASTIC STERILIZING CASE, 6 X 2in,   clear lid, silicone rubber mat
E9 - 7563PLASTIC STERILIZING CASE, 6 X 3in,   clear lid, silicone rubber mat
E9 - 7580PLASTIC STERILIZING CASE, 10 x 6in,   clear lid, snap locks, rubber mat
E9 - 7586PLASTIC STERILIZING CASE, 10 x 6in,   Double-Decker, clear lid, 2 mats
E9 - 7597PLASTIC STERILIZING CASE, 15x10in,   clear lid, snap locks, one mat
E9 - 7900PROTECTOR TIPS, Assorted Bag of   25, color coded by style & size
E9 - 7901PROTECTOR TIPS, Assorted Bag of   100, color coded by style & size
E9 - 9300FREER PERIOSTEAL ELEVATOR, blunt/   semi-sharp ends,4.5mm wide blades
ET3 - 1560TITANIUM BECHERT LENS NUCLEUS   ROTATOR, 7mm angled, forked tip
ET4 - 1260TITANIUM BONN FORCEPS, 3.38in/86mm,   TyPltfm, 1x2 teeth.12mm, straight
ET4 - 1304TITANIUM BONN FORCEPS, 4.25in/108mm,   TyPltfm, 1x2 teeth.12mm, straight
ET4 - 1373TITANIUM UTRATA CAPSULORHEXIS FCPS,   RoundHandle,irisstop,graspingtips
ET4 - 1374TITANIUM UTRATA CAPSULORHEXIS FCPS,   FlatHandle,iris stop,graspingtips
ET4 - 2060TITANIUM HARMS-COLIBRI FORCEPS,   TyPltfm, 1x2 teeth 0.12mm 45 deg
ET4 - 2180TITANIUM PIERSE-COLIBRI FORCEPS,   tying platform, Pierse Tips.1mm
ET4 - 4300TITANIUM NUCLEUS SPLITTER/CRACKER,   Gill handle,paddles 1x2mm serratd
ET4 - 4512TITANIUM CASTROVIEJO SUTURING FCPS,   tying platform, 1x2 teeth 0.12mm
ET4 - 5402TITANIUM TYING FORCEPS, small   handle 3.14in/80mm, Straight Jaws
ET4 - 5403TITANIUM TYING FORCEPS, small   handle 3.14in/80mm, Curved Jaws
ET4 - 5408TITANIUM TYING FORCEPS, large   handle 4in/102mm, Straight Jaws
ET4 - 5409TITANIUM TYING FORCEPS, large   handle 4in/102mm, Curved Jaws
ET4 - 5475TITANIUM KELMAN-McPHERSON TYING   FORCEPS, 4in/102mm, angled jaws
ET4 - 5485TITANIUM NORDAN TYING FORCEPS,   round handle, ty pltfms, Curved
ET5 - 2160TITANIUM SINSKEY II LENS MAN HOOK,   round handle, .18mm hook,Straight
ET5 - 2170TITANIUM SINSKEY II LENS MAN HOOK,   round handle, .18mm hook, Angled