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Catalog NumberName/Description
E4 - 1230BONN FORCEPS, small handle 2.9in,   Tying Surfaces, lx2 0.12mm, str
E4 - 1240BONN FORCEPS, 3-hole Bish-Har Hndl,   no ty pltm, 1x2 teeth .12mm, str
E4 - 1260BONN FORCEPS, no-hole 2.75in handle,   Ty Pltfm,1x2 teeth .12mm,straight
E4 - 1300BONN FORCEPS, medium 3.75in handle,   Ty Pltfm, 1x2 teeth 0.12mm, str
E4 - 1304BONN FORCEPS, serrated 4in handle.   Ty Pltfm, 1x2 teeth 0.12mm, str
E4 - 1305BONN FORCEPS, 3-Hole Handle,   Ty Pltfm, 1x2 teeth 0.12mm, str
E4 - 1360KRAFF CAPSULE TAG FORCEPS,   11mm jaws,1.5mm smth Ty Pltfm
E4 - 1373UTRATA CAPSULORHEXIS FORCEPS,Round   Handle, iris stop, grasping tips
E4 - 1375UTRATA CAPSULORHEXIS FORCEPS,Long   FlatHandle,iris stop,graspng tips
E4 - 1376MASKET CAPSULORHEXIS FORCEPS,Serr   Hndl,delicate11mm vaulted shanks
E4 - 1420ERHARDT LID FORCEPS, screw,   serr jaws 11mm, fen, plate
E4 - 1460BAIRD CHALAZION FORCEPS,   smooth 8x11mm oval jaw,small
E4 - 1480DESMARRES CHALAZION FORCEPS,   smooth 13x20mm oval jaws,lrg
E4 - 1500FRANCIS CHALAZION FORCEPS   11x14mm oval jaws, medium
E4 - 1520HUNT CHALAZION FORCEPS,   smooth 12mm round open blades
E4 - 1540LAMBERT CHALAZION FORCEPS - SMALL,   smooth 8mm round open blade
E4 - 1544LAMBERT CHALAZION FORCEPS - LARGE,   smooth 15mm round open blade
E4 - 1560LORDAN CHALAZION FORCEPS,   triangular jaws
E4 - 1620WIES CHALAZION FORCEPS, open upper   blade flat front, solid lower blade
E4 - 1840FORTRAD CILIA FORCEPS, ingold-   platedin, no slip pincer grip
E4 - 1920COLIBRI CORNEAL UTILITY FORCEPS,   Serr Handle, 1x2 teeth 0.12mm
E4 - 1921COLIBRI CORNEAL UTILITY FORCEPS,   Fenestrated Handle,1x2teeth.12mm
E4 - 2002HARMS-COLIBRI FORCEPS, 4.2inlength,   SerrHandle, ty pltfm, 1x2 0.12mm
E4 - 2003HARMS-COLIBRI FORCEPS, 4.2inlength,   3-HoleHandle,ty pltfm, 1x2 .12mm
E4 - 2060HARMS-COLIBRI FORCEPS, 2.9inlength,   SerrHndl,TyPltfm,1x2 .12mm 45deg
E4 - 2061HARMS-COLIBRI FORCEPS, 2.9inlength,   FenestratedHndl,TyPltfm,1x2.12mm
E4 - 2460HYDE/U KANSAS CORNEAL FORCEPS,   Serrated Handle, 2x2 teeth 0.12mm
E4 - 2461HYDE/U KANSAS CORNEAL FORCEPS,   3-Hole Handle, 2x2 teeth 0.12mm
E4 - 2490McPHERSON CORNEAL FORCEPS, tying   platform,1x2 teeth .4mm,straight
E4 - 2491McPHERSON CORNEAL FORCEPS, tying   platform,1x2 teeth 0.4mm, angled
E4 - 2541HOFFER-McPHERSON CORNEAL FORCEPS,   angled, jaws 11mm, 1x2 teeth.12mm
E4 - 2591KELMAN-McPHERSON CORNEAL FORCEPS,   Sm Hndl,TyPlfm,ang,1x2teeth.12mm
E4 - 2593KELMAN-McPHERSON CORNEAL FORCEPS,   Lg Hndl,TyPlfm,ang,1x2teeth.12mm
E4 - 2660POLACK DOUBLE CORNEAL FORCEPS,   SerrHndl,double 1x2 teeth 0.12mm
E4 - 2661POLACK DOUBLE CORNEAL FORCEPS,   WindowdHndl,double1x2 teeth.12mm
E4 - 2840GIRARD CORNEOSCLERAL FORCEPS,   Ty P 7mm,1x2 teeth .12mm,Right
E4 - 2850GIRARD CORNEOSCLERAL FORCEPS,   Ty P 7mm,1x2 teeth .12mm,Left
E4 - 2930ADSON DRESSING FORCEPS, very   wide handle, serr tip 1mm wd
E4 - 2940DRESSING FORCEPS, delicate   serr tips .5mm wide, straight
E4 - 2950DRESSING FORCEPS, delicate   serr tips 0.5mm, light curve
E4 - 2960DRESSING FORCEPS, delicate   serr tips 0.5mm, strong curve
E4 - 2980DRESSING FORCEPS, standard   serr tips 1.0mm wide,straight
E4 - 2990DRESSING FORCEPS, standard   serr tips 1.0mm, light curve
E4 - 3000DRESSING FORCEPS, standard   serr tips 1.0mm, strong curve
E4 - 3020BISHOP-HARMON DRESSING FORCEPS,   criss-cross serr tips.8mm,straight
E4 - 3160GASKIN FRAGMENT FORCEPS, ang,   Plfm 11mm 8mm smooth 3mm serr
E4 - 3400GILL IRIS FORCEPS, strong curve,   criss-cross serrated tips
E4 - 3460GILL (CHANDLER) IRIS FORCEPS,   gentle curve jaws, serrated tips
E4 - 3470GILLS-COLIBRI FORCEPS, Ty Pltfm,   fine pointed smooth tips 2mm
E4 - 3690JEWELERS FORCEPS, straight shafts,   3mm crisscross serrated platforms
E4 - 3700DUMONT JEWELERS FORCEPS, Utility &   Splinter, inHin, El Stubby
E4 - 3710DUMONT JEWELERS FORCEPS,   Straight No. 1 Jaws
E4 - 3730DUMONT JEWELERS FORCEPS,   Straight No. 3 Jaws
E4 - 3733DUMONT JEWELERS FORCEPS,   Straight No. 3-C Jaws
E4 - 3740DUMONT JEWELERS FORCEPS,   Straight No. 4 Jaws
E4 - 3750DUMONT JEWELERS FORCEPS,   Straight No. 5 Jaws
E4 - 3751DUMONT JEWELRS FORCEPS,   Angled 45 deg. No. 5-A Jaws
E4 - 3770DUMONT JEWELERS FORCEPS,   Curved No. 7 Jaws
E4 - 3800JEWELERS FORCEPS, w/Tying Platform,   straight shafts, pointed tips
E4 - 4100JAMESON MUSCLE FORCEPS,slide lock,   Child Size = 4 teeth, Right
E4 - 4101JAMESON MUSCLE FORCEPS,slide lock,   Child Size = 4 teeth, Left
E4 - 4140JAMESON MUSCLE FORCEPS,slide lock,   Adult Size = 6 teeth, Right
E4 - 4141JAMESON MUSCLE FORCEPS,slide lock,   Adult Size = 6 teeth, Left
E4 - 4200BERKE PTOSIS FORCEPS, 20mm jaws,   slide lock, lengthwise grooved
E4 - 4210BERKE PTOSIS FORCEPS, 27mm jaws,   slide lock, lengthwise grooved
E4 - 4512CASTROVIEJO SUTURING FORCEPS,   SerrHandle,TyPltfm,Str,.12mm
E4 - 4513CASTROVIEJO SUTURING FORCEPS,   3-Hole Handle,TyPltfm,Str,.12mm
E4 - 4522FINE-CASTROVIEJO SUTURING FORCEPS,   TyPlfm, 1x2 teeth straight .22mm
E4 - 4530CASTROVIEJO SUTURING FORCEPS,   Serr Handle,TyPltfm, Str,0.3mmm
E4 - 4531CASTROVIEJO SUTURING FORCEPS,   3-Hole Handle,TyPltfm, Str,0.3mm
E4 - 4550CASTROVIEJO SUTURING FORCEPS,   Serr Handle, TyPltfm, Str, 0.5mm
E4 - 4551CASTROVIEJO SUTURING FORCEPS,   3-HoleHandle,TyPltfm, Str,0.5mm
E4 - 4559CASTROVIEJO SUTURING FORCEPS,   Ty Plfm,1x2 teeth straight,0.9mm
E4 - 4612CASTROVIEJO FORCEPS & LENS LOOP,Cas   SutFcps.12mm & NewOrleansLensLoop
E4 - 4639PAUFIQUE SUTURING FORCEPS, tying   platform,1x2 curved teeth 0.9mm
E4 - 4790ADSON TISSUE FORCEPS, very   wide handle, 1x2 teeth 1mm long
E4 - 4800TISSUE FORCEPS, delicate,   1x2 teeth 0.5mm, straight
E4 - 4810TISSUE FORCEPS, delicate,   1x2 teeth 0.5mm, light curve
E4 - 4820TISSUE FORCEPS, delicate   1x2 teeth 0.5mm,strong curve
E4 - 4840TISSUE FORCEPS, standard   1x2 teeth 0.8mm, straight
E4 - 4850TISSUE FORCEPS, standard   1x2 teeth 0.8mm,light curve
E4 - 4860TISSUE FORCEPS, standard   1x2 teeth 0.8mm,strong curve
E4 - 4920BISHOP-HARMON TISSUE FORCEPS,   ex del, 1x2 teeth 0.3mm
E4 - 4930BISHOP-HARMON TISSUE FORCEPS,   delicate, 1x2 teeth 0.5mm
E4 - 4940BISHOP-HARMON TISSUE FORCEPS,   Std, 1x2 teeth 0.8mm
E4 - 5000PUNTENNEY TYING FORCEPS,   curved shafts, tying platforms
E4 - 5060SEMPKEN/SEMKIN TISSUE FORCEPS,   1x2 teeth 1.0mm, straight jaws
E4 - 5160CASTROVIEJO/inStorzin TYING FORCEPS,   TySurfaces7mm,heavy jaws,straight
E4 - 5180FINE TYING FORCEPS, SerratedHandle   smooth curved jaws, tying surfaces
E4 - 5181FINE TYING FORCEPS, 3-Hole Handle,   smooth curved jaws, tying surfaces
E4 - 5240HARMS TYING FORCEPS,TyPltfm,.5mm,   Serr Hndl, Straight smooth jaws
E4 - 5241HARMS TYING FORCEPS,TyPltfm,.5mm,   3-HoleHndl,Straight smooth jaws
E4 - 5250HARMS TYING FORCEPS,TyPltfm,.5mm,   Serratd Hndl, Curved smooth jaws
E4 - 5251HARMS TYING FORCEPS,TyPltfm,.5mm,   3-HoleHandle,Curved smooth jaws
E4 - 5300JAFFE TYING FORCEPS,SerratdHandle,   TyPltfm,.3mm straight smooth jaws
E4 - 5301JAFFE TYING FORCEPS,3-Hole Handle,   TyPltfm,.3mm straight smooth jaws
E4 - 5310JAFFE TYING FORCEPS,SerratdHandle,   TyPltfm,0.3mm curved smooth jaws
E4 - 5311JAFFE TYING FORCEPS,3-Hole Handle,   TyPltfm,0.3mm curved smooth jaws
E4 - 5400McPHERSON TYING FORCEPS,Sm Hdl   TyPlfm 3.5mm, straight jaws
E4 - 5402McPHERSON TYING FORCEPS,Sm Hdl   TyPlfm 4.0mm, straight jaws
E4 - 5403McPHERSON TYING FORCEPS,Sm Hdl   Ty Plfm 4.0mm, angled jaws
E4 - 5408McPHERSON TYING FORCEPS,Lg Hdl   Ty Plfm 5.0mm, straight jaws
E4 - 5409McPHERSON TYING FORCEPS,Lg Hdl   Ty Plfm 5.0mm, angled jaws
E4 - 5465CLAYMAN-McPHERSON TYING FORCEPS,   smooth handle, 8mm angle to tip
E4 - 5471KELMAN-McPHERSON TYING FORCEPS   TyPlfm 7.5mm,Small Hdl, angled
E4 - 5474KELMAN-McPHERSON TYING FORCEPS   SerratedHandle, ty pltfm, angled
E4 - 5475KELMAN-McPHERSON TYING FORCEPS   3-Hole Handle,ty pltfm,angled
E4 - 5477KELMAN-McPHERSON TYING FORCEPS   TyPl7.5mm,LgHdl,ang,strngr jaws
E4 - 5510SHEPARD TYING FORCEPS,   straight shafts, 4mm tying pltfm
E4 - 5511SHEPARD TYING FORCEPS,   angled shafts, 4mm tying pltfm
E4 - 5513SHEPARD TYING FORCEPS,   curved shafts, 6mm tying pltfm
E4 - 5520SINSKEY MICRO-TYING FORCEPS,   micro smooth jaws, straight
E4 - 5530SINSKEY MICRO-TYING FORCEPS,   micro smooth jaws, curved
E4 - 5560TENNANT TYING FORCEPS, Tying   Plfm 6mm, smooth, straight
E4 - 5570TENNANT TYING FORCEPS, Tying   Plfm 6mm, smooth, curved
E4 - 5592NUGENT UTILITY FORCEPS,   angled, smooth tips
E4 - 5593NUGENT UTILITY FORCEPS, angled,   cross serrated tips
E4 - 5600INTRAOCULAR GRASPING FORCEPS,   squeeze handle,serr jaws 3mm,cap
E4 - 5935BACKHAUS TOWEL CLAMP/FORCEPS,   Small 3.5in/90mm, sharp tips
E4 - 6680BRACKEN FIXATION FORCEPS,   1x2mm teeth 0.7mm, straight jaws
E4 - 6693CASTROVIEJO FIXATION FORCEPS, no   tying pltform, 1x2 teeth 0.3mm
E4 - 6695CASTROVIEJO FIXATION FORCEPS, no   tying platform, 1 x 2 teeth 0.5mm
E4 - 6720ELSCHNIG FIXATION FORCEPS,   1x2 angled teeth, straight
E4 - 6758GRAEFE FIXATION FORCEPS, no lock,   narrow 3.5mm wide jaws,6x6 teeth
E4 - 6860KUHNT FIXATION FORCEPS,   1x2 curved teeth
E4 - 6900LESTER FIXATION FORCEPS,   straight jaws,1x2 teeth 0.6mm
E4 - 6920LESTER FIXATION FORCEPS,   straight jaws,2x3 teeth 0.6mm
E4 - 7170BRACKEN IRIS FORCEPS, light curve   jaws, criss-cross serrated tips
E4 - 7350BLAYDES LENS HOLDING FORCEPS,   angled smooth horizontal jaws
E4 - 7420CHOYCE LENS HOLDING FORCEPS,   angled grooved 1mm, straight
E4 - 7480CLAYMAN LENS HOLDING FORCEPS,   angled 70 deg tips 3mm, Lock
E4 - 7800HIRSCHMAN LENS HOLDING FORCEPS   micro tips, curved jaws, Std
E4 - 7820HIRSCHMAN LENS HOLDING FORCEPS   micro tips, curved jaws, Irr
E4 - 8600SHEPARD LENS FORCEPS, no lock,   curved shanks,serrated lower jaw
E4 - 8700SHEPARD II LENS HOLDING FORCEPS,   with Nudge Notch
ET4 - 1260TITANIUM BONN FORCEPS, 3.38in/86mm,   TyPltfm, 1x2 teeth.12mm, straight
ET4 - 1304TITANIUM BONN FORCEPS, 4.25in/108mm,   TyPltfm, 1x2 teeth.12mm, straight
ET4 - 2060TITANIUM HARMS-COLIBRI FORCEPS,   TyPltfm, 1x2 teeth 0.12mm 45 deg
ET4 - 2180TITANIUM PIERSE-COLIBRI FORCEPS,   tying platform, Pierse Tips.1mm
ET4 - 5402TITANIUM TYING FORCEPS, small   handle 3.14in/80mm, Straight Jaws
ET4 - 5403TITANIUM TYING FORCEPS, small   handle 3.14in/80mm, Curved Jaws
ET4 - 5408TITANIUM TYING FORCEPS, large   handle 4in/102mm, Straight Jaws
ET4 - 5409TITANIUM TYING FORCEPS, large   handle 4in/102mm, Curved Jaws
ET4 - 5485TITANIUM NORDAN TYING FORCEPS,   round handle, ty pltfms, Curved